One more issue

Our fighting fund got a major boost this week in the shape of a cheque from regular supporter RG - for no less than £200! Because he didn’t include any explanatory note, and because he has often been more than generous in the past, I can only assume it was to mark his ongoing appreciation of the Weekly Worker.

And he wasn’t the only one. Both RL and MF made a donation of £50 via PayPal, while a further £115 came our way in the shape of standing orders - thanks go to NH (£30), DV and GD (£25 each), LM (£15) and JK and SM (£10 each). All that comes to £415 this week, taking our running total for December up to £872. That’s not bad after just 11 days, when the target is, of course, £2,000.

So now we need to build on this good start to the month to make up for November’s deficit, which I reported last week as being £269. But now I discover that this total was not quite right. It turns out that editor Peter Manson had been handed £65 in cash from comrade PB on the very last day of the month and failed to report it in time. Some people!

Anyway, that means that the November total should have been £1,796 - a shortfall of only £204. All that means we should surely make up for that deficit by the end of December. But there’s only one more issue of the Weekly Worker this year - the December 19 edition will, of course, provide you with our analysis of the general election and what it means for the working class.

Don’t forget - we absolutely rely on our supporters to cover all our expenses - unlike the capitalist media we don’t pull in millions via advertising!

Let’s end the year on a high!

Robbie Rix