Keep them coming

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Thanks to a handy batch of standing orders and bank transfers, we are definitely heading towards an excellent start to the year for the Weekly Worker fighting fund. We need to raise £2,000 every month to keep us on track and already, with 10 days still to go in January, our running total stands at £1,833!

Amongst the standing orders this week were three of £100 or more - thanks to SK, KB and PM. On top of that, there were splendid donations from regular supporters MM (£75), TR (£40), GB (£25) and GS (£20). Finally we received US comrade PM’s usual £25 via PayPal. An extra £685 in a single week!

One form of donation that seems to have dried up for the moment is the cheque, but I think there’s an explanation for that. Mostly they took the form of an addition to the reader’s regular subscription. For example, instead of sending us £60 for their annual sub, many comrades would make it £75, £80 or even more. But, of course, now that we’re not printing because of the pandemic, all existing subs have been extended until when we eventually resume.

Hopefully within the next six months our subscribers will start getting the Weekly Worker mailed to them once more - and that means eventually we’ll be asking for a resubscription. And - who knows? - perhaps that will breathe more life into the cheque form!

In the meantime, we need to keep those donations coming in. Let’s see what surplus we can achieve for January to compensate for possible shortfalls later in the year!

Robbie Rix