A good job

We do our best, you know...

Thanks to the efforts of our readers and supporters, we managed to make our £1,750 target for September. The last couple of days of the month brought us five donations - with a special mention going to comrade JT for his £50 standing order. Also worth a mention is comrade AR, who is making two regular monthly payments - by standing order and PayPal. We ended the month on £1,792.

As for October, we have got off to the usual good start, thanks to all those standing orders that come our way in the first couple of days of each month. Amongst the 16 we received, SW and AC both donated £30, while DL and II gave £20 each.

As I write, there has been just one PayPal donation since October 1 - PM’s usual £15 - plus a generous £100 bank transfer from TG. And the single cheque received is also worth a mention - not for the amount, which was a modest £4, but for the note that came with it. Two weeks ago, I mentioned the cheque received from comrade “IDS”, which arrived without a covering note.

But this time he’s made amends by writing a few words. First of all, he doesn’t, under any circumstances, want to be referred to as IDS (for obvious reasons), so he’s given us an extra initial - thank you, comrade IJDS! He writes that he thought we deserved “a further contribution, because I think you’re doing a good job”.

Anyway, after just three days our October fighting fund stands at £329. Let’s make sure we get past that £1,750 barrier once again.