Twice the price

Robbie Rix celebrates some especially giving readers

Comrade OG tells me that the Weekly Worker is “definitely worth twice the price!” And she’s as good as her word, doubling her £30 resubscription payment for the next six months - and, just for good measure, she wrote her cheque three weeks early too!

But hers wasn’t the largest cheque received for our fighting fund this week. Comrade NH wrote one for £100 - and has also set up a standing order for £30 a month! Not bad at all for a new subscriber. I hope your first issue arrives in good order, comrade.

We also received half a dozen already-established standing order payments, varying from BL’s £75, through the £25 from RK and GD, and DV’s £20, to the £10 from SM and AN. Finally there was the usual monthly PayPal donation from US comrade PM - although he was the only one out of 3,401 online readers to click on that button last week.

But, all in all, it’s been a bit of a sluggish start to October’s fighting fund. The £310 that came in this week means that after 11 days we have only £672 towards our £1,750 target. So we need over a grand in exactly 20 days.

But I’m confident we can do it. We just need a few more comrades to take a leaf out of OG’s book - how much do you think we’re worth?