As we mean to continue

Cash-stuffed envelopes works for us...

I hope all our readers and supporters had a good Christmas and new year break - not least those who didn’t forget the Weekly Worker and helped make sure we had another successful fighting fund in the last month of 2018!

The good news is that we just scraped past our £1,750 target, mainly thanks to our loyal bunch of regular supporters, whose standing orders in the last 10 days of December came to £525. There were also two cheques - thank you, KC (£5) and RN (£20), while comrade AR chipped in via PayPal with his usual fiver, despite being one of those who pays us a standing order too. Thanks also to US comrade PM for his usual £15 PayPal donation.

All in all, we ended the month with a total of £1,769 - I think we can say that 2018 was a good year for fundraising overall!

And hopefully things will go the same way this year too. We have already started the month with 20 standing orders varying from £5 to £30, and totalling £330.Then there were two PayPal donations - thank you RM (£20) and LM (£10).

Finally we received two rather different cash donations. The first was the £30 handed over by LC at the first London Communist Forum of the year, and the second was a mysterious £15 in notes received from somebody in Switzerland! Whoever it was didn’t even write to say what it was for, let alone who was donating it!

But, whoever it was, we’re more than grateful - the comrade responsible, together with all the other early donors, have taken our running total for January to £405 after 10 days. However, it goes without saying that we need to step up the pace if we’re to start 2019 as we mean to continue.

Robbie Rix