First time of asking

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Good news this week in the shape of an email from comrade GB, who is a regular (and very generous) donor to the Weekly Worker. He wants to give his “thanks to all concerned at the paper for its high-quality journalism - in a world so badly in need of it and so sadly deprived of it”. And to show his own appreciation he has increased his standing order to no less than £75 a month!

That will give us a good boost later in November - one we very much need, as right now we are very much lagging behind the going rate. Don’t forget that we’ve been forced to increase our target from £2,000 to £2,250.

Amongst the contributors over the past week is comrade TB, who was so pleased with last week’s paper - particularly Jack Conrad’s article on the Greens - that he has asked for more copies. And, to (more than) cover the cost, he made a bank transfer of £50.

On top of that four comrades made donations via PayPal - thanks to comrades SB and MF (£50 each), plus MH and BH (£10). Finally there were seven standing orders, from CG and HN (£30 each), DV, GD and BO (£25), NR (£18) and SM (£10).

All that comes to £333, taking our running total up to £504. But, as I’ve said, that is quite a way below the going rate - with a third of the month already gone, we are not even a quarter of the way there! So please play your part in making sure we reach our target the first time of asking!

Robbie Rix