Through the barrier

With, as I write, a day still to go before the end of our April fighting fund, I have some good news: we’ve smashed through that £2,000 barrier!

As I noted last week, we still needed £463 to reach that monthly target, but over the last seven days no less than £563 came our way, meaning that we’ve exceeded it by exactly £100. No doubt it will be topped up a little by one or two more last-minute contributions - I’ll let you know next week!

Anyway, pride of place this time goes to comrade SK, who made one of those interesting donations of his - this time for the unusual sum of £323. I know he has a reason for coming up with that exact amount, but ‘Ours not to reason why ...’ I’m just pleased to get it.

Rather more orthodox amounts came from seven standing-order or bank-transfer donors - thanks to DG (£60), JT (£50), ML (£20), GT and SS (£15), AT and JM (£10 each). Finally, there were two PayPal gifts, from comrades DB (£50) and DM (£10). However, I’m afraid I can’t report any income from cheques or postal orders for the usual Covid-19-related reason - but don’t worry if you’ve posted us something: it will still count. I’ll make sure our mail is collected in time for next week’s column, I promise.

And let me take this opportunity to thank all those subscribers of ours who are still making their monthly payments, even though, obviously, we aren’t sending them what they really want: the Weekly Worker in print! We really appreciate this support, comrades - and, of course, we’ll extend your sub for the appropriate length of time, once we resume printing.

Typical is comrade HJ, who writes: “While I miss having the hard copy, I’m now getting used to reading it online. You never know - I might even learn how to print it out on my partner’s A2 printer one of these days!” She adds: “I’m not cancelling my standing order, by the way - take it as a donation.”

Received with thanks, comrade! 

Robbie Rix