A bit short

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Unfortunately, we didn’t reach our £2,000 fighting fund target for July. As I reported last week, we needed £330 in just three days, but only an extra £145 came our way.

This might be partially connected to the fact that subscribers will not have received last week’s copy of the Weekly Worker until Saturday July 31 at the earliest. That’s because, once again, our printers had problems, which meant that, by the time our team sent subscribers their copy, it was too late to be sorted by Royal Mail until the Friday. But rest assured, we are doing our best to ensure that this won’t happen again.

Anyway, one comrade responded to my plea for cash on the Saturday by transferring no less than £100 via PayPal! This comrade is so modest, he doesn’t even want his initials disclosed! On top of that BK made a last-minute bank transfer of £25, and we received a cheque for £15 from comrade IR. Finally, comrade Hassan made his usual cash donation - another fiver handed to one of our team.

So we received an extra £145 all told, taking the final total for July up to £1,815. That means we could really do with making up for the £185 we were short this month. And, of course, we’ve got off to our usual good start, thanks to all those start-of-the-month standing orders. Our thanks go out to comrades EW and AC (£50 each), CG (£30), TG (£25), MD (£20), MD (another one! - £16), MT (£15), TM (£12), MM (£11), AN, VP, DI and YM (£10 each), plus £7 from BG and £5 from PBS.

On top of that BB made a £50 bank transfer and OP donated £30 via PayPal. Which means we start August with £361 in the kitty after just four days. But now we need to build on that good start to make sure we not only break through that £2,000 barrier, but make up for the £185 we were short last month too!

Robbie Rix