Record week

As I had half-expected after last week’s lowest income from standing orders for a very long time, things would be rather different in the week that followed. Just as, it seems, the period from the 9th to the 15th of each month is the least productive in terms of SO contributions to our fighting fund, so the 16th to the 22nd is the best.

Would you believe it? In terms of standing orders alone, we received £745 over the last week! Thanks go in particular to SK, KB and PM for their tremendous three-figure contributions, as well as to MM (£75), GB (£50), TR (£40), TB (£10) and Hassan (£5). On top of that there were bank transfers to the Weekly Worker made by JS for £40 (added to his £60 resubscription) and GS for £20.

Finally comrades TB (£60) and MG (£10) clicked on that PayPal button of ours to take the total for the third week of January up to a fantastic £875 - just short of what we received in the first two weeks combined. However, I’m afraid there were no donations this week in the shape of cheques (do you think they’re going out of fashion?). But, not to worry, the running total now stands at £1,759 towards our target of £2,000.

So we need just £241 in a little over a week to get there - I’d be very disappointed if we didn’t make it. In fact, I really think we should aim for a bit more - not just to make up for last year’s deficit (£127), but to build up a little bit of a surplus in case there are bad months ahead in 2020.

Please feel free to make a transfer (sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310) or PayPal donation or even - yes - write us a cheque!

Robbie Rix.