Thanks to those comrades who came up with last-minute donations to ensure we made our April £1,750 fighting fund target.

In particular I’m thinking of two comrades who clicked on our PayPal button during the last couple of days of the month - namely DB and TB, who both came up with a more than generous £50. Then there was JK, with his cheque for £25, plus standing orders from JT (£50), JM, VP and RL (£10 each). They all did their bit and helped take our April total to £1,841. Well done, comrades!

I should also mention comrade BK, who informed us he had transferred a £50 “top-up” (in addition to his usual monthly tenner) into our bank account to “help towards bursting through the £1,750 mark of the April fund”. Excellent stuff, comrade, but I’m afraid May 1 doesn’t count as April! But never mind - it’s helped give our May fund the kind of start we were looking for!

Also on board in May were 10 comrades whose standing orders arrive in the first two days of the month - thank you, SD (£30), DL (£20), TM (£12), MM (£11), AN, DI and YM (£10 each), MT (£7) and PBS (£5). Finally comrade DT handed over a useful £20 note to our editor with the advice: “Put it to good use!” We will, comrade, we will.

Anyway our May fighting fund stands at £192 after only two days. Let’s make sure we continue the success of the first four months of 2018.