Keep it coming!

Our fighting fund running total seems to be a little bit down on where we need to be at the moment. Ironically, I think this could be connected to the coronavirus crisis. That’s because various restrictions mean the delivery of our mail is problematic right now and so there’s been a delay receiving cheques and postal orders, which usually account for a useful proportion of the £2,000 we aim for every month.

And that means if people send us a cheque for anything - or post us a letter for whatever reason - there may be a delay. Of course, you don’t have to worry if you’ve sent us a subscription cheque - as we’re online-only at the moment, we won’t cash such a cheque, because we can’t send you the paper! We’ll hold it over until we resume printing, unless you tell us otherwise.

I am glad to say readers continue to support our publication. Of the many who subscribe via PayPal, only one has stopped their payment, while several others have stated their satisfaction at still being able to read the Weekly Worker on our website.

This week there were only three PayPal contributions to our fund - thank you, comrade MF, for your usual brilliant £50 monthly gift, and also KC (£10) and RN (£5), who made one-off donations also using that method.

On top of that we received a total of £255 from either standing orders or bank transfers, ranging from £10 to £50 (thanks to comrade AC for that last one). There were 10 comrades who donated in that way over the last seven days. Altogether £320 came our way since last week, taking our running total for April up to £462.

True, that’s a bit behind where we ought to be if we’re going to reach that £2,000, but I’m confident other comrades will step in to help us out over the next three weeks! Keep it coming in, comrades! 

Robbie Rix↩︎