Last paper until January 11

Robbie Rix will see you again in the New Year

“Times are hard”, writes regular fighting fund donor RK. Which means that he is unfortunately having to reduce his monthly contributions to £10.

He does point out, correctly, however, that “if your seemingly 3,000 or so weekly readers all coughed up even £1 per edition, that would amount to approximately £12,000 per calendar month”. In other words, if the burden was more evenly spread, how much easier it would be for all concerned!

And, of course, he does have a point. Last week we had 2,974 online readers - that’s on top of all those who read the print version. While we don’t expect all of them to act like supporters - some of them are, after all, political opponents, who read us only for information - RK is right when he points out that far more of them could donate to our monthly fund.

At the moment a large part of the burden is carried by too few - not least the few dozen standing order donors. Last week just nine of them contributed a fantastic £830! Thanks to SP, DG, KB, TR, MM, TB, PM, SK - and, of course RK! Added to which, comrades GF (£20) and VO (£5) clicked on our PayPal button.

Thanks to their efforts, no less than £855 was added to our December running total, taking it up to £1,429. In other words, we need another £321 to reach our £1,750 target for December.

But this is the last Weekly Worker of 2017, so I won’t be able to give you the final figure until issue 1,185 appears on January 11. In the meantime let’s hope all comrades have a good break - here’s to a good 2018!