Think and rethink

Gifts of gold are still what we need this Christmas, says Robbie Rix

Thankfully, our readers have responded to my urgent call last week to help ensure we reach our £1,750 target for December. I can report - in this, our final issue of 2016 - that an extra £673 has come our way over the last seven days, taking our running total to £1,371.

Amongst the readers who responded via PayPal were two from overseas - PM from the US, who donated a brilliant £100, and SS from Canada, who transferred a more than useful £25. Another £25 PayPal donor was MT, while our standing order supporters also came up with the goods this week. These included a fantastic £230 from SK, £100 from PM, £75 from MM, £50 from TB, £40 from TR and £20 from KB.

So we now have just over a week to reach that £1,750 target - although, with the Christmas holidays intervening, that is not such a long time.

Talking about holidays, there will be no Weekly Worker on December 29 or January 5, and the first edition of 2017 will appear on January 12 in the increasingly desired print format (more and more teenagers and twenty-somethings are wanting vinyl, paperbacks and real papers). No doubt, in the meantime, thousands of older comrades will be catching up with us online - we had 3,198 internet readers last week.

And we wish every reader, print or online, all the best for 2017. The Weekly Worker is committed to being part of the renewal of communist and working class politics. And for that to happen we must think and rethink.

But, as ever, we need your help - firstly, to ensure we reach our monthly target (not to mention eating into the November deficit!) and, secondly, to guarantee that this paper has the resources to continue its vital role over the coming year.