End with a bang

A reader across the ocean helps keep the momentum going

Readers will not be surprised to learn that after last week’s disappointingly low increase (a mere £182) to our November fighting fund, things have turned out rather differently over the last seven days.

As I said last time, the second week of every month is always the least productive, mainly due to the paucity of standing orders that land in our account at that time, but what immediately follows is always rather better in terms of SOs - they alone totalled £785! Thanks in particular go to BK, TR, KB, MM, TB, PM and SK.

On top of that, US reader AP sent us a rather handy donation - he added a mere £200 to his subscription cheque! Finally, comrades RN, ST and LD all made use of our PayPal facility - although the total of £20 they donated between them didn’t quite match up to what came our way from over the Atlantic!

All that came to no less than £1,005 - the first time we have ever exceeded a grand in a single week, I believe. So suddenly we are right up there - within touching distance of our £1,750 monthly target at £1,570. Just what the doctor ordered!

And it couldn’t have come at a better time, with our printing arrangements still in a state of flux. Readers of the print version may have noticed the poor quality of last week’s front-page image in terms of its darkness, but hopefully such imperfections can be put down to teething problems and things will now start to look up. Let’s hope so, because I’ve been concerned that our printing bills might start rising a bit too much, but we could be near to a deal where that isn’t the case - let’s just make sure we iron out the initial difficulties with the change of printers.

Anyway, as things stand, we still need £180 in just over a week - and we could do with shooting over that target. No problem, you might be thinking, after the record amount we got this week - but remember: £180 was almost exactly the sum we got the week before. Who wants to help us end the month with a bang?

Robbie Rix