More needed

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Following last month’s failure to reach our £2,000 fighting fund target, I was hoping things would start to look up from very early this month.

But things haven’t yet really got going and, as I write, we have exactly one quarter of the £2,000 needed in March, even though a third of the month has already gone. To translate that into specific figures, £195 was donated over the last seven days, taking our running total for the month up to a nice round £500.

We are, of course, really grateful for all those comrades who support us financially - without your help the Weekly Worker would have bit the dust decades ago! This week, pride of place goes to regular donor MF, who came up with his usual £50 via PayPal. He was joined by comrade BH, who showed his appreciation in the same way by contributing a tenner. Then we had the monthly standing orders from CG (£30), NH (£30), DV (£25), GD (also £25) and SM (£10), plus a one-off bank transfer for £15 from comrade LM.

But, despite all that, it has to be said that we’re quite a bit behind where we need to be if we’re going to get there this month - and we really need to: two months in a row of falling short would not be good. True, there are substantial standing orders that come in later in the month, but, even allowing for that, it won’t be enough to get us home. We need quite a few more comrades chipping in to make sure we do.

Think of the unique role of the Weekly Worker: constantly campaigning for what the rest of the left either ignores or understates: the need for a single Marxist party, based on genuine democratic centralism, where a much needed open exchange of views is not only permitted, but encouraged. As long as the revolutionary left remains divided into competing sects, the working class will remain impotent - not just in terms of making real gains under capitalism, but in advancing towards a truly emancipatory international order.

Many of our readers support the Weekly Worker and appreciate its role, but a lot more of them need to put their money where their mouth is!

Robbie Rix