Some great news, comrades: with one day still to go for the February fighting fund, we have already shot past our £2,250 monthly target.

The main reason for this is the magnificent end-of-the-month donation received from comrade PP for no less that £365 - that’s right, £1 for every day of the year! On top of that, there were two more three-figure contributions - thank you, comrades JC and MF, who chipped in with an excellent £100 each.

Then there was LM, whose monthly £80 standing order has just landed in our account, plus £50 from both BK and DB. Meanwhile, the donations from OG and GT were both for £35, with JT (£25), DG (£20) and TT (£6) also helping us out. Finally comrade Hassan handed his usual fiver to one of our team.

So all that takes the total received over the last seven days to no less than £831 - and for the month to £2,505, with, as I write, one day still to go. In other words, we have already exceeded the February target for what we need to produce the Weekly Worker by a brilliant £255. And who knows how much extra we will get tomorrow?!

It just shows you how much the Weekly Worker is valued - what other paper campaigns so continuously and forcefully for what the working class really needs? I’m talking about a principled, democratic, revolutionary party, uniting all class-conscious workers in Britain.

To play your part, please go to the link below, where you’ll see how to contribute via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque. Better still, why not take out a standing order?

Robbie Rix

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