Good news

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

I’m sure our readers will be delighted to hear that we’re going to resume printing the Weekly Worker within a few weeks or so - hopefully before the end of May.

Just to indicate the loyalty of so many of those readers, as I’ve noted several times before, only a very small proportion of those paying for their subscription either by standing order or regular PayPal transfers have stopped those payments, while also, of course, we’ve been largely meeting our monthly £2,000 fighting fund target.

Mind you, we’re not doing so brilliantly in April so far. With exactly half the month gone, our running total has only reached £565. This week there were two £50 PayPal donations from comrades MF and RL, plus three standing orders - thanks to comrades PB (£60), NH (£30) and DV (£25). Just five contributions then, totalling £215.

In other words, we need to put on a bit of a spurt. Of course, we’re nearing that time of the month when a good number of large standing orders are about to come our way, but despite that we’ll still be way behind where we ought to be.

It’s true that the fact we’re not printing has saved us a considerable amount (not for much longer!), but, as I’ve previously pointed out, we need to refurbish our office - and there’s also the possibility of increasing the number of pages (no doubt you’ll have noticed that we’ve been doing that very often over the last year for our online edition).

So please keep on doing the necessary - first and foremost, help us reach that £2K target in April!

Robbie Rix