Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Unfortunately, despite a brilliant effort by some comrades, we fell rather short of our £2,000 fighting fund target for April. As I reported last week, we needed over £500 in less than two days, and we ended up with a total of £1,687 - in other words, £313 short.

Five comrades had rushed to help. JC made a magnificent bank transfer of £100, while BK chipped in with £50. Both LC (£50) and MM (£20) clicked on our PayPal button, while VP’s end-of-the-month standing order for £10 took the additional amount received last week to £230. But, as I say, we were over £300 short of that £2K target.

And that’s a pity, as our costs are about to shoot up - don’t forget, by this time next month we’ll almost certainly be printing again! (Watch this space for the exact date.) So we could do with making up some (or all!) of April’s shortfall in May. And I can report that, as I write, we have £236 in the kitty after five days.

Mostly that’s down to those standing orders that arrive in our account at the start of every month. There were 11 of them - thanks go to AC (£50), CG (£30), MD (£16), MT (£15), TM (£12), MM (£11), DI, YM and AN (£10 each), BG (£7) and PBS (£5). On top of that there were PayPal donations from TDB (£5) and NC (£10).

Thanks very much to all comrades, but now we need to step things up to make sure that, at the very least, we make that £2K target in May!

Robbie Rix