Brilliant result

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Thanks to some excellent last-minute donations, we just managed to squeeze home in April’s fighting fund! Readers will recall that this time last week I reported we needed to raise exactly £305 in just three days, in order to reach our monthly target of £2,250. But, incredibly, £313 came our way - which means that the total for the month was £2,258!

It just so happened that, the day after I made that appeal, we received a cheque for no less than £150 from comrade RG. Then there was a bank transfer of £118 from comrade BC, and another for £25 from comrade MD. There was also VP’s end-of-the month standing order for £10 and, finally, how could I forget comrade Hassan, who handed yet another tenner to one of our team?

All in all, a brilliant result, but can we do as well in May?

Well, if the first four days are anything to go by, we certainly can! No fewer than 19 comrades chipped in with either their regular standing order or a one-off bank transfer. Top of the list was our regular Irish-based donor, AM, with a very generous £65. Just behind her was AC (£60), while CG paid £30 and TG £25, with BK and PG close behind with £20 each. The remaining donations were between £6 and £15 - thanks go to comrades GB, DC, AN, CP, MT, BG, MM, TM, JS, YM, DI, GH and RG.

All that came to £352 in the first four days of May - even better than the last three days of April!

But now we need to keep it up, so don’t leave me worrying if we’re going to fall short, as we did in February. Please do your best to help us reach the £2,250 we need each and every month.

Robbie Rix