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Your paper needs you, says Robbie Rix

I have to report a rather below-average week for our fighting fund, I’m afraid. Of course, the second week of every month is the one when, for some reason, regular donors are least likely to arrange their standing orders - just five SOs, totalling £80, came our way.

That doesn’t mean we’re not grateful to those comrades obviously. NH (£30), GD (£25), DV (£20), SM (£10) and RP (£5) - your contributions are all highly valued! And the same applies to comrades LN (£20) and KS (£10), who donated via PayPal, while CF (£50) and OG (£30) posted us a cheque.

The last named comrade included a note, addressed to “Dear Mr Rix”, in which she wrote: “Enclosed cheque for £30 to help with the extra printing costs. The Weekly Worker still looks pretty good to me!”

Yes, our new printers are definitely competent and - what’s more - are only very marginally more expensive than the previous company. So the enforced change hasn’t been anywhere near as costly as I was fearing.

But that doesn’t mean we can afford to let up. We need the full £1,750 each and every month, just to keep the show on the road. And now we want to end 2018 with a bang - the running total for December stands at just £639, so we still need £1,136 to see us home! Can you help?

Robbie Rix