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Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

What a contrast! Last week I reported that our fighting fund was standing at just £689 towards the target of £2,000, with half the month gone. But over the last seven days no less than £745 has come our way, taking the running total up to £1,434, with just over a week to go. That’s more like it!

One of the main reasons for that change of fortune can be found in the fact that we’ve just gone through the best time of the month in one particular sense - I mean, when it comes to standing orders. This week they included regular three-figure donations from SK, KB and PM, plus £75 from MM, £50 from GB, £40 from TR and £20 from GS. Comrades GB and GS have been very recent additions to our list of monthly donors, by the way.

On top of that, we got a very handy £50 from LC via PayPal, who says he meant to pay only £25, but - never mind - he’s happy for us to keep the lot this time! Two other PayPal contributors were BO and AL (£5 each). Both had set up a monthly subscription, but, when our editor asked them if they knew we weren’t printing at the moment, they both said they did, but wanted to make a small regular donation in any case.

In AL’s words, “I want to provide financial support to the Weekly Worker.” She said she was previously paying for “a range of other left publications”, but then realised she always read the Weekly Worker online, so she thought she’d “contribute something”.

She concludes by saying: “We really need to build an alternative media. I remember so many left publications (too many splinter-of-splinter groups, I fear).” But “We desperately need to build a true left media - one that tells the truth.” Well spoken, comrade! It’s certainly the aim of this paper to encourage genuine debate - which must mean accurately presenting the views of those we’re polemicising against.

Anyway, now we’re back on course, can you help us get over the line? We need another £566 in eight days l

Robbie Rix