Weekly Worker supporters are celebrating the Russian Revolution's centenary in various way, says Robbie Rix, why not join them by handing over some cash?

“In this centenary year,” writes TH, “what better way to celebrate revolution than supporting those who advocate it 100 years later!” And to mark the occasion the comrade sent us cheque worth £1 for each of those intervening years!

A fantastic boost to our September fighting fund, whose target is, as usual, £1,750. But I have to say that, despite TH’s £100 cheque, we are still lagging way behind the going rate, with only £644 received and almost half the month gone. Part of the reason lies in the fact that the last seven days just happened to coincide with the part of the month when standing orders are few and far between. There were just four of them: thank you, RK and GD (£25 each), DV (£20) and SM (£10).

Apart from TH, comrade MN also sent us a rather useful cheque - £50 - while YJ added a tenner to her subscription. Thanks also to PB, for the £50 she handed over at the London Communist Forum. Then there were a couple of PayPal donations - from KC (£20) and DB (£7). But we really could do with a few more of our online readers clicking on that PayPal button - there were 2,873 of them last week, so that’s quite a poor return.

And it’s not as though we’re not appreciated - I know we are. It’s just that most of those readers don’t actually think about donating. I wish they would, because that monthly target needs to be met in full. Unlike the mass media, we can’t rely on paid adverts to rake in the income. No, we need the help of our readers - which is why I’m appealing to you to do your bit. Anyone else want to join in the celebration?