Lagging behind

Despite some more than useful donations this week, our fighting fund is still lagging behind where we ought to be, with more than half the month gone.

The largest amount that came our way was KB’s £170 standing order, while RL and VC both stomped up £50 - RL’s was the latest in his series of PayPal contributions, while VC wrote us one those cheques she sometimes comes up with. Other standing orders were from TR (£40), BL (£30), BK (£20) and SN (£10), while DB came up with his usual £7 PayPal gift. Finally CT added a tenner to his subscription cheque, while GS made a bank transfer of £20 (he didn’t say what it was for, so I’m hoping it’s for the fund!).

All that came to £432, taking our running total for October up to £899. But, of course, we need £2,000 every month, which means we’re short by exactly £1,111, with a fortnight still to go. But, as CT wrote in the note accompanying his cheque, “You can’t beat the Weekly Worker.” He was particularly impressed with the “internationalism” of last week’s paper, which carried “articles on just about every country under the sun”.

But now, as we enter the home straight, we need to pick up the pace just a little bit. There’s plenty of time to write us a cheque, click on that PayPal button or - best of all in terms of speed and lack of cost - make a bank transfer. It’s sort code 30-99-64 and account number 00744310.

Please help us get there.

Robbie Rix