Robbie Rix celebrates success

“Post June 8, the Weekly Worker will be needed more than ever for its spot-on Marxist analysis of developments within the Labour Party and movement,” writes ME in the note accompanying his PayPal resubscription. “I look forward to continuing to read it over the coming months.”

You’re right to highlight the centrality of the battle within Labour, comrade - it’s going to be stepped up in exactly a week’s time, I would predict! A pity that recognition hasn’t yet dawned on all others on the left!

Anyway, another PayPal donor was comrade TT, who chipped in with a fiver - he was among last week’s 2,585 online readers. But the big news is that our May fighting fund has come to a successful conclusion - we easily exceeded our £1,750 target, finishing on £1,868. In other words, we didn’t quite manage to make up for last month’s £145 deficit, but we got damn close!

The biggest boost this week came in the shape of a €100 gift from an Italian subscriber, comrade AG - let’s call that £87 - while PC sent in a £25 cheque from nearer home. There were also standing orders amounting to £120 from JT, DC, GT, SS, RL and VP.

The total for the week was a below-par £237, but I can’t complain too much.