Extra something

Every little helps, says Robbie Rix

Not content with his existing regular donation to the Weekly Worker on top of his subscription, comrade MD has set up a new monthly payment of £15 - and, just to make sure, has added a further £5 on the same day! Now there’s someone who is really concerned about this paper - and we are grateful for it, believe me.

On top of MD’s £20, there were two other PayPal gifts this week - thank you, NW (£20) and DT (£10). They were among the 3,849 online readers of our paper last week. And the post brought in two cheques from PL (£40) and YJ (£25), plus a postal order (yes, they are still going) from KH for £10. Finally seven of our standing order contributors came up with the goods, as usual, and their contributions added £135 to the tally for September’s fighting fund.

All that takes the running total up to £674 towards our £1,750 target. But I am confident we will reach that, judging from the response we have been getting from our readers to our coverage of the Corbyn campaign in particular.

For example, PL writes: “I really liked your exposition of ‘Corbynomics’. More, please.” Take a look at Yassamine Mather’s article this week, comrade. And the Weekly Worker will be prominent at the weekend’s big events - the demonstration in solidarity with migrants and the victory party for a certain Labour leadership contender!

If you appreciate the role of the Weekly Worker and you bump into one of our sellers, you know what to do! Yes, throw in an extra something for our fighting fund!

Robbie Rix