Grandstand finish

Help us get there, says Robbie Rix

We’ll need a grandstand finish if we’re going to reach our target of £1,750 for our March fighting fund. The last seven days saw a sterling effort from several comrades - special thanks to SK and MM in particular for their standing orders - but the £390 that came in still leaves us rather short on £1,234.

Which means we still need £541 in just over a week. That, of course, is more than possible, but it will depend on a good number of comrades doing their bit. Especially those online readers - there were 3,350 of them last week, but only one, comrade TB (£30), clicked on the ‘Donate’ button. Of course, if just one percent of those internet readers had contributed, say, a tenner, that would have amounted to £335, so you can see that the March target is still well within reach.

Two comrades wrote us a cheque. While FN gave £10, KS doubled his subscription payment to £60 for the next six months - that’s £30 towards the fighting fund. KS writes: “I know I’m not the only one to say it, but when the Weekly Worker lands on the doormat every Friday it brings a smile to my face.” And it’s not just those thought-provoking articles he’s talking about: KS is one of those subscribers who just loves the unusual stamps we often have on the envelope!

Anyway, whatever the reason, if like him you appreciate the Weekly Worker, please help ensure we can keep delivering! Help us break through that £1,750 barrier this month.