You did it!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

In a brilliant last day for September’s fighting fund, the Weekly Worker received no less than £215, which sent us soaring past our £2,000 monthly target!

As I reported last week, we still needed £179 to get there in just 24 hours, but several comrades helped us out, taking our total for September up to £2,036. Two who came up with last-minute bank transfers were comrades MM and MD, who both donated £20, while LC used PayPal to get us his £50. Then there were two end-of-the-month standing orders - MW’s quarterly payment of £15 and VP’s monthly tenner.

Finally, in a stroke of luck, the Weekly Worker received two cheques on September 30 exactly, which were enough to see us over the line with hours to spare. Comrade CG wrote one for £60, despite the fact that his monthly standing order was due a couple of days later (see below). The other cheque was from comrade RG, who added £40 to his £60 annual subscription. Thanks to every one of you!

But can we keep it up in October? Well, we had the usual standing orders that come our way at the beginning of every month - including from CG (mentioned above), who donated his usual £30. Other SOs were from AC (£60), FK (£35), SJ and II (£20 each), MT (£15), TM (£12), MM (£11), AN, DI and YM (£10 each), BG (£7) and PBS (£5). Finally, comrade MH from Germany made his usual monthly PayPal donation of £10, which he pays in addition to his subscription.

All in all, our running total for October now stands at £255 after six days. Not bad, but a little behind the going rate if we’re going to smash through that £2K barrier once again. Feel free to help us!

Robbie Rix