Best on the left

Robbie Rix welcomes some big hitters and takes some praise

The big donors to our fighting fund this week are comrades AC and RG, who contributed £100 and £70 respectively. AC used that speedy (and free!) method - a transfer made directly from his bank account - while RG used the more old-fashioned (but still completely acceptable!) method of sending us a cheque.

However we get it, it’s more than welcome and, as a result of these and a batch of standing orders, we are now very much within reach of our £1,750 target for May. Those SOs included regular donations from SK, PM, TB and RK, amounting to £430, while comrade TY was the sole online reader (out of 2,826 last week) to click on our PayPal button, donating a tenner.

All that takes us to £1,631 with still a week to go. The very least we should aim for now is an extra £145 to make up for April’s £145 deficit - just another £264 needed in seven days! We can definitely do it, especially with the likes of TY on our side. She writes: “This will hopefully be the first of many donations - for the best paper on the left!”

If you agree with her, why not follow her lead - and feel free to donate more than a tenner!