£515 in five days

Robbie Rix needs to make some gains

With just five days to go before the end of our May fighting fund, we have received £1,235. That means we still need another £515 by May 31 if we are to reach our £1,750 target.

Last week saw £357 come in, so obviously we now need a big effort to pull in rather more over a shorter period. That £357 included a cheque for £100 from GT - £60 was for his annual subscription and the other £40 was a donation - plus £25 donated by PayPal from comrade LS. There were two other PayPal donations - both for £5 - from PM and NM.

In fact NM’s was an accident. Apparently he clicked on the ‘Subscribe’ button and paid for the first month by mistake! He says: “Sorry, didn’t mean to subscribe in the first place! Treat the fiver as a donation!” Feel free to make more mistakes like that, comrade! He was among 3,233 online readers last week, by the way.

Finally, we got £282 in standing orders - thanks go to SK, MF, TH, DT, GD and DC.

But now we need quite a bit more over the next few days and, because of the bank holiday, there might be a problem in relying on the post. The best way to make sure we get your donation double quick is by bank transfer - to account number 00744310 (sort code - 30-99-64). Or there’s always PayPal - whether by accident or not! Please help us reach our target.