Make my day

Following the success of the last four months, when we have managed to achieve our newly increased £2,000 fighting fund target, we’re now aiming to make it five in a row!

As usual, we’ve seen a large number of start-of-the-month standing orders - 15 of them, totalling £226. I notice that amongst them comrade MD appears to have added an extra £4 to his monthly contribution, taking it up to £16, while comrades AC (£50), CG (£30), GD (£25) and NR (£18) were amongst the other regulars.

On top of that we received one-off donations from EW, who frequently contributes to our fighting fund and this time stumped up £50, and GS - a comrade whose name I do not recognise, but who made a bank transfer of £20. No doubt they will step forward to identify themself very soon!

There was only one PayPal donation this week - a useful £30 from comrade GH. But there were no contributions by cheque. But not to worry - we start August with £326 in our coffers. However, as next week will be the last issue before our two-week summer break, how about lifting my spirits, along with this month’s running total, and sending me off happy, all buoyed up for our return in September.

Feel free to write a cheque, click on our PayPal button or - best of all - make a bank transfer (sort code 30-99-64, account number 00744310). Go on - make my day!

Robbie Rix