Pressing need

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

The highlight of this week’s contributions to our fighting fund is the £100 donation made by bank transfer from BK. Excellent, comrade, thanks very much!

He says it is his “way of helping to counteract the vast panoply of propaganda” around the anniversary of 9/11, which is part of the “designing of narratives” by “global capitalism’s assorted elites” in order to maintain “control of the working class”.

He’s certainly right that the Weekly Worker is amongst the numerous left voices attempting to counter those ruling class “narratives” by putting forward an alternative based on the working class. But, of course, unlike most of the others, we focus on today’s central, most pressing necessity: the formation of a single, united Marxist party based on genuine democratic centralism.

And, of course, our paper needs £2,000 each and every month if we’re going to continue fighting for that immediate aim, but comrade BK is not the only one who recognises that. Over the past week, for instance, four comrades have made generous donations via PayPal - thanks go to MF, SB and RL, who each contributed £50, and US comrade PM, who chipped in with his usual £25. On top of that there were two monthly standing orders from PB (£60) and DB (£9), plus the usual £5 note from comrade Hassan. Thanks to all!

However, while all that comes to £349, I’m afraid to say we’re lagging a bit behind where we need to be if we’re going to make that £2K target. Our running total is now £792, with exactly half the month gone, so now we need a bit of acceleration if we’re going to get there. Can you help us out?

Robbie Rix