Over the line

Well done, comrades. A valiant last-minute effort saw us over the line, as we (just) managed to reach the Weekly Worker £2,000 fighting fund target for June.

Still needing £108 in just a couple of days, we were well served by a few comrades who came up with the goods. Both LG (£25) and JK (£10) made their donations via PayPal, while comrade JS made two bank transfers. The first one was for just £1, but then he quickly added another £25! Another comrade who made two payments was AR - but then he does that every month: a £10 standing order, plus £5 via PayPal. Finally there was JT’s standing order for £50, taking our total for June up to £2,017. Yes, we were £17 over target.

And we are doing quite well so far in July. After only three days, we already have £536. Of course, there are the usual start-of-the-month standing orders - there were 16 of them totalling £176. But four comrades made very generous bank transfers - JC and PB both donated a fantastic £100, while GB and AC came up with £50 each. Brilliant stuff, comrades! Then there was a rather useful PayPal contribution of £50 from TB, while Hassan handed one of his regular tenners to a comrade of ours.

Mind you, I don’t know what’s happened to cheques recently - not one of them came our way over the last seven days. Not that I’m complaining, of course - the other ways are rather more efficient. So, if you want to do your bit, why not click on that PayPal button on the Weekly Worker website? Even better, though, are bank transfers, which don’t incur any charges (sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310).

Over to you, comrades!

Robbie Rix