Not too late

Our decision to increase the monthly fighting fund target from £1,750 to £2,000 has met with a positive response - although not quite in the way we’d asked.

In response to the editor’s request, sent out to all subscribers, to set up (or increase) a monthly standing order to the Weekly Worker, a number of comrades have made one-off donations. The most generous so far has been RL, who wrote a cheque for a fantastic £200! More modestly, DL’s cheque was for £20, while comrade OG donated £15. She explains that she’s unable to “make a regular donation”, but hopes we’ll reach our increased target.

Other one-off donations this week came from GB, who made a £20 contribution by bank transfer, while JS clicked on our PayPal button to donate £15. Others who made use of PayPal were DB (£7) and US comrade PM (whose £25 is up from his usual monthly donation of £15).

Then we have those who have pledged a new standing order - thanks go to BK, who like PM (hopefully!) has increased his monthly donation by £10. DC has upped his payment by £1 (every little helps), while MD has set up a new standing order for £16 a quarter (call that £5 a month).

Apart from the above, we have the regular existing standing orders, which over the last seven days produced £405 - thank you, KB, MM, TR and BK. So, partly in response to the editor’s appeal, no less than £717 came our way this week, taking the running total up to £1,542. That £2,000 target for April definitely looks within range!

But will we get there every month? That’s why we’re hoping for more comrades to push up our regular income via standing orders. For those who received the editor’s personal request, it’s definitely not too late to return the SO form, while others can either fill in the form on the back page of the paper or print one out from our website (click on ‘Donate’ at the top of the home page).

Robbie Rix