Through the barrier

We did it! Thanks to the sterling efforts of several comrades, we smashed through the £2,000 fighting fund barrier once again in February.

Star of the show was JS, with his £80 bank transfer, but close behind were JT, with his monthly £50 standing order, and DB, who has increased his own monthly PayPal donation from £7 to £50! Then there was £40 from JC, £35 from SK and £25 from AM, a comrade in Ireland. Another PayPal contributor was MD, who donated £15, and finally there was AR, who came up with his usual two end-of-the-month gifts - £10 via standing order and £5 via PayPal.

All that came to £310 in just three days, which took our total for February up to £2,114. Thanks very much to everyone who chipped in.

And we’ve got off to another good start in March - thanks mainly to SK with his brilliant £275. Maybe it was meant for the February fund, but he just missed the deadline, I’m afraid, before the weekend came along. But not to worry - it’s helped us well on our way towards our latest £2,000 target. There were 17 other standing orders or bank transfers since March 1, ranging from £5 to £50 (thank you, AC, for that one), while other more than generous donations came from EW (£40), CG and ST (£30 each) and MS (£20). Finally MM donated a tenner via PayPal.

All that came to £581 in just four days - not bad at all! But now we need to ensure we keep up the momentum for the rest of the month and make sure we get there again. Please do what you can to help.

Robbie Rix