Peter Manson

A longstanding member of the ‘official’ CPGB before its liquidation in 1991, Peter Manson has been editor of the Weekly Worker since 1997. In addition to editing the paper, he frequently contributes articles. He has tended to specialise in critiques of the British left and its organisation, but he has also taken a particular interest in developments in South Africa and France.

Latest articles by Peter Manson

Totally in control

The central committee is looking forward to yet another conference without a peep of opposition from the rank and file. Peter Manson reports on the first of three internal bulletins

Accused of corruption

It is bad enough that a ‘communist’ is a senior minister in a capitalist government, writes Peter Manson. But now things are even worse

Meaningful debate absent

Why are Socialist Workers Party members incapable of making serious contributions? Peter Manson looks at the third and final internal bulletin

Dull echo chamber

Genuine debate is something the central committee has long tried to avoid. The end result is a comatosed membership. Peter Manson reviews the second pre-conference bulletin

Our strategic orientation

Peter Manson reports on the joint meeting of CPGB and Labour Party Marxists members

Going nowhere fast

Peter Manson lifts the lid on mindless activity, an arid internal life and leadership control-freakery

Pathetic confusion

SPEW’s approach to Labour combines classic sectarianism with run-of-the-mill reformism, writes Peter Manson

In close-quarter combat

Peter Manson reports on our assessment of and approach to the reformist Labour left

Broad versus mass

Principles should not be negotiated away. Peter Manson reports on the discussion at last weekend’s meeting

Maintaining principle

Peter Manson reports on last weekend’s discussions on the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing witch-hunt in Labour Party

Hitting the poor

Peter Manson welcomes the limited success in restricting the pandemic, but it is clear that the problems are structural

Marxists and Labour Party

Peter Manson reports on the online meeting and our responce to the twin plagues of Starmer and coronavirus

Surplus to requirements

To say that the ANC’s response to the pandemic is ‘inadequate’ would be a total understatement, writes Peter Manson. As a result many thousands will pay the ultimate price.

Put principle first

We remain united despite a resignation. Peter Manson reports.

After the general election

Peter Manson reports on the debates and votes at the CPGB’s annual general meeting.

Prepare for a bitter fight

The Tories are bent on ensuring that effective trade union action is impossible, writes Peter Manson. How to respond?

Not much to say

Peter Manson is saddened, but not surprised, by the extraordinarily low level of what passes for debate.

Contradictory impasse

Peter Manson reports on the SACP’s December 9-12 special national congress.

Within the current order

Win or lose the general election, the fight to transform Labour will continue, writes Peter Manson.

Reason to be proud?

While apartheid is long gone, writes Peter Manson, what do we say about the ‘rainbow nation’ that has replaced it?

Pretence of democracy

Peter Manson reports on the first of three SWP pre-conference internal bulletins.

Break with ANC

It is totally insufficient to oppose only ‘corrupt’ ANC candidates, writes Peter Manson.

Battle far from won

While the majority of CLP delegates reject the anti-left smear campaign, the right has the backing of the capitalist media. That, together with a conciliating leadership, gives them the upper hand, writes Peter Manson.

Amid the confusion

Peter Manson reports on a special meeting of CPGB and LPM comrades.

Abuse and cover-ups

Even as the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse reveals yet more evidence of systematic rapes and sexual assaults, Peter Manson asks why Tom Watson still faces attack over his role in the Carl Beech affair.

Tribunes of the right

Peter Manson lays bare a blatant case of political theft

Volatile times ahead

We are heading for a constitutional crisis, writes Peter Manson and certainly an early general election.

Learn the lessons

Rather than attempting to run capitalism, argues Peter Manson, in current circumstances we must aim to build Marxist parties of extreme opposition

Force the ANC to retreat

Going back to apartheid practices means denying democracy. Peter Manson looks at the ‘traditional peoples’ legislation

Responding to uncertain times

Peter Manson reports on the joint meeting of CPGB and Labour Party Marxists comrades

New type of party

Genuine democracy means collective decision-making and accountability, argues Peter Manson

Take a class stand

Peter Manson condemns leftwing traitors - both of the open kind and the silent kind

Pointer to disillusionment

ANC support continues to drop, writes Peter Manson, but the main beneficiary is the black nationalist EFF

Critical not unconditional

Peter Manson reports on a lively internal debate that centred on a backsliding Jeremy Corbyn

A promising start

Peter Manson welcomes the formation of the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party in South Africa

A prize that can be won

Peter Manson reports on the CPGB’s 2019 AGM

Good riddance to bad rubbish

The formation of the Independent Group vindicates what the left has long been saying, writes Peter Manson. So called ‘moderate’ Labour MPs belong in another party

Heading for another victory

With the ANC consolidating its position, there is a huge vacuum to its left, observes Peter Manson. But who will attempt to fill it?

A sad state of affairs

Peter Manson looks at what passes for internal debate in the run-up to the SWP conference

Debating our strategy and tactics

Last weekend’s membership aggregate voted on two motions relating to Brexit. Peter Manson reports

Sport and common endeavour

Is there something more to chess than the desire to win? Peter Manson thinks there is

Support the Socialist View slate

Peter Manson looks at the rift that has opened up in the Left Unity faction of PCS

SWP: Keep on keeping on

The absence of members’ rights is striking. Peter Manson reports on the first Pre-Conference Bulletin

CPGB aggregate discusses Labour and Brexit

Members of the CPGB, together with comrades from Labour Party Marxists, met in London on October 14 to discuss two main topics: the latest situation in the Labour Party; and the huge contradictions provoked by the Brexit negotiations.

Dashed hopes

Despite retreats and prevarication, writes Peter Manson, the objective conditions for working class advance remain

A funny way to support Jeremy

SPEW has written to the Labour Party asking to affiliate. Peter Manson looks at the background

Where next for the SACP?

As the ANC continues to lose support, Peter Manson looks at the dilemmas of the ‘official communists’

Edging towards a second vote

The EU was a central theme for the second successive year, reports Peter Manson


The editor congratulates comrades on a cracking Summer Offensive

See you at CU

Why not come meet the team, asks Peter Manson

Who is speaking and when

Final timetable for Communist University 2018, 18-25 August

Now's the time

Come on, show us the money

Grand three

With such donations, readers are really spoiling us

Payments in kind

That includes rum for the subeditors

Demanding a consensus

What will result from the SACP’s call for a ‘reconfigured alliance’ with the ANC? Peter Manson reports on the party’s continuing divisions

On track

All aboard the Summer Offensive train


The editor? In a good mood? Keep that cash coming, comrades!

End the farce

Surely it is time to join the fight to transform the Labour Party, writes Peter Manson

Looking good

Not you, silly. The WW bank account!

The party we need

Peter Manson is getting into the swing of this year's fundraising drive

Money well spent

Where would you be without the WW? It doesn't bear thinking about, comrade...

Clear in our aims

Peter Manson reports on the weekend gathering of CPGB and LPM comrades

Where’s the politics?

The TUC’s call for a ‘new deal’ is tellingly vague and lacking in detail, writes Peter Manson

Its final outing

Peter Manson looks at what was a disastrous political project from the very beginning

One tactic only

Socialist Party in England and Wales’s position on Labour is more confused than ever, writes Peter Manson

Break with multimillionaires

Peter Manson reports on the resignation of Jacob Zuma

Zuma on the brink

Cyril Ramaphosa now looks set to become president a year earlier than scheduled, writes Peter Manson

No easy road to popularity

Peter Manson reports on a wide-ranging debate amongst CPGB comrades

Parallel dead ends

Peter Manson reviews: Ronnie Kasrils, A simple man: Kasrils and the Zuma enigma Auckland Park 2017, pp283, £16.19 and Dale McKinley, South Africa’s corporatised liberation Auckland Park 2017, pp198, £14.95

Not even Menshevism

Three quarters of the SWP's new recruits pay nothing, writes Peter Manson

At a crossroads

Peter Manson looks at the situation following the election of Cyril Ramaphosa

Crisis set to continue

Peter Manson anticipates a fractious and bitter ANC congress, as candidates vie for power

Three scenarios to ponder

The left must expect the unexpected after the next general election. Peter Manson reports

It is a ‘binary choice’

Working class independence and nationalism are two conflicting outlooks, writes Peter Manson

Floundering in wake of Corbynism

Peter Manson takes a look at the SWP’s second pre-conference bulletin and the poverty of thought

Disintegrating alliance

The SACP is calling for a ‘reconfigured alliance’ with the ANC in a desperate attempt to stave off the pressure from below, writes Peter Manson

First Corbyn, then us

As the first Pre-conference bulletin shows, Labour presents a huge dilemma for the SWP. Peter Manson wonders if it has any answers

Winning the battle of ideas

Peter Manson reports on the October 8 meeting of CPGB members

Apologists for mass murder

The Morning Star is still in denial about the Marikana massacre, writes Peter Manson

Stepping up to the plate

Peter Manson reports on Communist University 2017 and the end of the Summer Offensive

Not a religious approach

Our aim is to have serious debate, Peter Manson reports, and this year’s CU certainly came up to the mark in terms of the quality of the speakers

Getting to the truth

Communist University isn't for pushing a line, says Peter Manson, but do push some cash this way

Expect a call!

The CPGB's Summer Offensive is picking up the pace, says Peter Manson

Much needed

Peter Manson reports on your contributions to the Summer Offensive target - and some of your comments

Under pressure to stand

While the SACP has finally agreed to contest elections independently, writes Peter Manson, its leadership is still fully committed to class collaboration

Make sure we get there

Peter Manson reports on the CPGB's Summer Offensive

Stumbling over Labour

The SWP’s movementism leaves it politically adrift where it really counts, writes Peter Manson

Excellent start

Peter Manson provides the first update on the CPGB's Summer Offensive launch

A new generation

After Saturday’s inspiring demonstration, Peter Manson asks what the next steps should be

Bringing out our differences

Peter Manson reports on last weekend’s meeting

Left should not stand on sidelines

Help defeat the Blairite right by winning all unions to affiliate to Labour, urges Peter Manson

Wait until 2018

It seems quite possible that Donald Trump will not survive his full term, writes Peter Manson. But don’t expect any formal moves towards impeachment just yet

What happens after June 8?

Peter Manson reports on last weekend’s meeting of CPGB members

Split in the offing

Following the cabinet reshuffle, Peter Manson looks at the rival factions within the ANC

Decisive victory needed

Peter Manson reports on the annual general meeting of CPGB members

Huge demo boosts fightback

After the ‘biggest ever’ pro-NHS event, writes Peter Manson, what we need now is winning politics

Scapegoating foreigners

Cosatu calls for tighter immigration controls in response to township violence. Peter Manson reports

Against Trump, for what?

The February 4 demonstration pulled in many people new to politics, reports Peter Manson

Getting to grips with Trumpism

Peter Manson reports on the joint meeting of the CPGB and Labour Party Marxists

What kind of oppression?

Peter Manson reports on presidential rivals, changing political alliances and apartheid’s ongoing legacy

Grappling with new situation

Peter Manson reports on the December 4 meeting of members of the CPGB and Labour Party Marxists

We live in hope

Peter Manson reviews the SWP’s second Pre-Conference Bulletin and finds it wanting

Consistent orientation needed

Peter Taaffe should admit that SPEW’s previous characterisation of Labour was badly mistaken, writes Peter Manson

Fake democracy, bad theory

Peter Manson looks at the contents of the Socialist Workers Party's first pre-conference bulletin.

Hitting the jackpot?

Stand Up To Racism looks set to be a big success in SWP terms, writes Peter Manson. But will it advance the cause of the working class?

Going into overdrive

On the one hand, the Morning Star is supporting Jeremy Corbyn completely uncritically, writes Peter Manson. On the other, it claims the real action is ‘on the streets’

Lock up the thugs

Once more, the SACP finds itself on the wrong side of the class divide, writes Peter Manson

Where next for Farage?

It is clear that Ukip has no future beyond that of a protest party, writes Peter Manson

ANC in disarray

While the ruling party is riven by factions, writes Peter Manson, the SACP too is deeply divided

Proving our worth

Peter Manson reports on the success of the Summer Offensive

Don’t demand an election

The main task is to transform Labour into a party that can form a genuine workers’ government, argues Peter Manson


Keep that Summer Offensive money coming in, says Peter Manson

Political impact

Peter Manson feels the fundraising impact

Unique and historic opportunity

There is no reason to be pessimistic about the struggle in the Labour Party. Peter Manson replies to Ian Birchall

Communist University 2016

A week of provocative and stimulating debate sponsored by Labour Party Marxists and CPGB

Conniving with the Tories

The vote to renew Trident demonstrated that the Labour right will stop at nothing in their desire to be rid of Jeremy Corbyn, writes Peter Manson

Inner balance

Reporting on the Summer Offensive, Peter Manson helps you find yours

Defend Corbyn where it really matters

Why do sections of the left refuse to call for people join the Labour Party? Peter Manson looks at the contradictions of the SWP and SPEW

See you at CU?

Peter Manson is feeling the boost from recent events

Parroting the ‘party’ line

A genuine exchange of ideas is the last thing the SWP leadership wants, writes Peter Manson

Brexit and Labour - twin crises

Peter Manson reports on last weekend’s CPGB membership meeting

Setting our sights high

Sunday June 26 saw the launch of the CPGB’s annual Summer Offensive fundraising drive, Peter Manson reports

Blundering ineptitude

There are furious objections to the Morning Star giving Ken Livingstone a regular column. Peter Manson reports

Decision time approaching

The SACP’s alliance with the ANC is in crisis. Peter Manson reports

Edging towards affiliation

Mark Serwotka hopes to win next year’s PCS conference to join the internal Labour battle to defeat the right, writes Peter Manson

Two reactionary camps

Our class can gain nothing by voting for either of the two options, argues Peter Manson

Making history?

How did the left do on May 5? Peter Manson reports

New federation put on hold

Cosatu rival is yet to get off the ground, reports Peter Manson

Solidarity and concrete action

Last weekend’s demonstration was dominated by the politics of Corbynism, writes Peter Manson

Carry on regardless

SPEW just will not admit it was wrong in its characterisation of Labour, writes Peter Manson

Tide turns against Zuma

While the ‘official communists’ are now looking for a change of leadership, writes Peter Manson, they have no intention of championing working class independence

Not letting on

Peter Manson asks why the CPB fails to inform us as to its real attitude to immigration controls

Flip-flopping over in or out

Neither Corbyn’s current stance, nor his former position is in workers’ interests, argues Peter Manson

Waiting for Corbyn

Tens of thousands rallied to Saturday’s anti-Trident demonstration. Peter Manson reports

Things don’t look good

Peter Manson reports on last weekend’s shambolic London members aggregate

Systems and symptoms

While millions live in dire poverty, the SACP wants us to believe that the main problem is still ‘racism’. Peter Manson reports

No controversy, please

Peter Manson reports on the PA’s second national delegate conference

Splits and divisions continue

With Cosatu tied body and soul to the ANC, writes Peter Manson, it looks like it will soon be faced with yet another rival federation

Going nowhere fast

Despite Corbyn’s victory and a dramatic loss of members, Left Unity intends to continue as if nothing has changed. Peter Manson reports on last weekend’s conference

Contradictions exposed

School shines fresh light on SPEW’s disarray over the Labour Party, says Peter Manson

Admit you were wrong!

The SPEW comrades are in urgent need of a radical rethink, argues Peter Manson

Students force ANC retreat

The climbdown on university fees has left the SACP general secretary looking thoroughly compromised, reports Peter Manson

Busting the target

No amount is too much, says Robbie Rix

Prioritise republican fight

Corbyn’s defence of trade unionism is admirable, writes Peter Manson, but he must not shy away from the way we are ruled

Open the borders

The refugee crisis has highlighted once again the inhumanity of the bourgeoisie’s insistence that free movement must be controlled. Peter Manson examines the response of the left

Eight days of debate and learning

Comrades attending the CPGB’s Communist University for the first time reflect on their experience

Opposition in limbo

The SACP grip over the workers’ movement remains strong, writes Peter Manson

Confusion, contradiction and irony

South African socialist Terry Bell comments on the divisions within Cosatu

Two congresses and a rigged victory

Peter Manson examines the bureaucratic manoeuvring of the SACP

Loyalists defend whitewash

Peter Manson reports on the willingness of ‘official communists’ to excuse the slaughter of workers

Huge cheers for Corbyn

We need both a political strategy and a sense of perspective, urges Peter Manson

All to play for

Peter Manson presents the CPGB's Theses on the Labour Party

Another blow against the loyalists

The grip of the SACP over the unions continues to weaken. Peter Manson comments on the congress of South Africa’s NUM

Loyalists ready to walk

With Marikana about to dominate the headlines once more, Peter Manson reports on the ongoing Cosatu crisis

Fragility of class politics

CPGB members have been debating the post-election situation. Peter Manson reports

No way to build a fightback

Peter Manson comments on the left’s results and its delusional self-justification

Inconsistent left nationalists

SPS and the SWP may have refused to vote SNP, writes Peter Manson, but in effect they both cheered on its advance

Gambling on a government - or bidding for an opposition?

Our voting recommendations are not about deciding how we should be ruled under capitalism, argues Peter Manson, but about constructing a working class alternative

Contradictions laid bare

There are two sides to South Africa’s ‘vibrant emerging market economy’. Peter Manson points to the underlying causes of the xenophobia

New era for Cuba?

Will Havana embark on a Chinese road, asks Peter Manson

Split that need not have happened

The criminal actions of the South African Communist Party have severely weakened Cosatu, writes Peter Manson

Left makes modest gains in internal elections

All of the three main factions have something to celebrate, writes Peter Manson

Following the logic of nationalism

Solidarity is heading for deserved oblivion, writes Peter Manson

Arguments about Greens

Here we present two reports about Left Unity's debate around the "anti-asuterity alliance". First Peter Manson reports from Greenwich and Lewisham branch

Oppression and western values

Democracy comes from below, not above, says Peter Manson

Dishonesty and opportunism

The comrades are gearing up for a major electoral intervention. But on what basis? Peter Manson attended Tusc’s pre-election conference

Confusion abounds

How has the left reacted to the Paris slaughter? Peter Manson has been taking a look

Charlie Kimber’s dream world

Peter Manson looks back at the SWP conference

SACP splits unions down the middle

Peter Manson reports on the expulsion of Cosatu’s biggest affiliate

Decline still much in evidence

Peter Manson reviews the SWP’s third Pre-conference Bulletin

Safe spaces checked, gains defended

Peter Manson introduces our coverage of the LU policy conference

SWP: Hype and delusions

Peter Manson reviews Internal Bulletin No2

TUC demo: Boost to confidence

Looking to a Labour government for salvation is a hopeless perspective, argues Peter Manson

Show of defiance

Peter Manson calls for fresh thinking to reinvigorate the unions

SWP: Business as usual

Membership is officially down by a thousand. Debate has shrivelled to next to nothing. Peter Manson reviews Internal Bulletin No1

Going soft on the intervention

Fear and hatred of Islamic State has caused some members of the Fourth International to lose their bearings, writes Peter Manson

No place for anti-Semitism

A Communist Platform member has been shown the door. Peter Manson reports

Gaza demo: Don't let it go to waste

The latest march in solidarity with the Palestinians was both big and open to ideas; but the old hands of the anti-war movement had little perspective to offer. Peter Manson reports

Our Summer Offensive spirit

WW editor Peter Manson gives the latest report on the CPGB's fundraising drive

National socialist illusions

Labour’s plans for the part-nationalisation of the rail network have caused confusion over at the Morning Star, writes Peter Manson

SWP: 'Delta force' still in denial

‘The party’ had been on the right track all along, according to its leadership, and is now in fine health. Peter Manson reports on this year’s Marxism festival

ANC hold on unions weakens

The metalworkers are seeking to emulate the success of the platinum strikers, writes Peter Manson

Where next for People's Assembly?

More than lowest common denominator politics is needed to challenge austerity, argues Peter Manson

Playing a fool's game

The ‘common sense’ consensus on migration stretches from Ukip and the Tories to the CPB and SPEW, writes Peter Manson

Dispelling delusions of easy success

Last weekend’s Communist Platform meeting discussed electoral strategy and tactics. Peter Manson reports

May 22 results: Once again a sorry joke

The left’s election results reflect its lack of social roots, reports Peter Manson

ANC: Fully in control

Neither right nor left has been able to challenge ANC hegemony, writes Peter Manson

Labour Party: Griffiths ends CPB truce

Open struggle has erupted between those in the CPB who want to 'reclaim' the Labour Party, and those who want to... start another one. Peter Manson reports.

EU elections: Trying to vote internationalist

Peter Manson outlines how to approach the May 22 EU elections

May 22: Vote Tusc, vote left

In the absence of Labour anti-cuts candidates, Peter Manson calls for critical support for the left in next month’s local elections

No2EU: Back into our shells?

No2EU represents a regressive form of left nationalism, writes Peter Manson

Left Unity: 'Moderate' party takes shape

The new formation has adopted its first policies. Peter Manson reports on the LU conference

Communist Platform: Preparing for conference

Peter Manson reports on the national meeting of Left Unity's Communist Platform

Keep it broad, keep it safe

Peter Manson reports on the first national conference of the ‘united front against austerity’

An intransigent fighter

Bob Crow, June 13 1961 - March 11 2014

Weekly Worker: The first one thousand

Editor Peter Manson looks back at the last 21 years and forward to the party we need

South Africa: Official ‘communists’ split unions

It is impossible to overstate the crisis facing the SACP, writes Peter Manson

South Africa: Opposition in disarray

Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, is facing jail for fraud

South Africa: Phase within phase ... but capitalism is the end result

Attempts to create a viable governmental alternative are in tatters, writes Peter Manson, leaving the ANC free to pursue the ‘second phase’ of the ‘national democratic revolution’

HOPI: Grappling with the new situation

How to meet the challenge presented by the US-Iran deal? Peter Manson reports on Hopi’s day school

Biggest union ready to split historic ANC alliance

Things in the workers’ movement are very fluid, writes Peter Manson. The South African Communist Party is certainly heading for a profound crisis

Mandela: Creation of a cult

The ruling class is honouring a man who helped make South Africa safe for capitalist exploitation, writes Peter Manson

Left Unity: Making a safe space for left ideas

Peter Manson reports on the official founding of the latest unity project

SWP: Another split looms

The leadership refuses to accept that there is any truth in opposition criticisms. Peter Manson reviews this year’s final Pre-conference Bulletin

SWP opposition: Facing a rout

There are signs of increasing demoralisation amongst oppositionists, writes Peter Manson

SWP: Insiders call leadership to account

Members have finally been presented with a detailed report of the Delta case, reports Peter Manson. But it does not make easy reading for the central committee

SWP: Numbers do not lie

Peter Manson reports on the October 19 Unite the Resistance event

SWP: Another dreadful mess

The behaviour of the SWP brings the whole left into disrepute, writes Peter Manson

SWP: Leatherites thirsting for a purge

Faced with criticism from two directions, the central committee is desperately trying to limit the damage. Peter Manson reports

SWP: At war with itself

The leadership is divided between two competing factions. Meanwhile there is the challenge presented by the official opposition. Peter Manson reports on the growing disarray

SWP: Treating the symptoms

Attempting to reform the disputes procedure will not cure the SWP of its bureaucratic centralism. Meanwhile, splits have opened up in both the opposition and loyalist camps, writes Peter Manson

Socialist Platform leaders: Headlong collapse into politics of the labour bureaucracy

Peter Manson reports on the undemocratic manoeuvres of the drafting group

TUC conference: Hot air and the lesser evil

Peter Manson looks at the noises coming from the trade union leaderships

South Africa: Maverick targeted

Peter Manson reports on a case that has gripped the Johannesburg media

Delta resigns: Now the rest should follow

The resignation of Martin Smith was long overdue, argues Peter Manson

Oppression and opportunism

Peter Manson looks at questions of race, sex and nation raised by SWP speakers at Marxism

Democratic centralism: The genie and the bottle

If you can loosen SWP restrictions on free debate on one occasion, asks Peter Manson, why not do so permanently?

SWP abuse: 'Delta' in dock again ... this time it’s comrade X

Reject calls to no-platform SWP over handling of allegations of sexual misconduct, says Peter Manson

South Africa: Governmental communists turn to witch-hunting

Outsiders are used to explain away the class struggle, writes Peter Manson

People's Assembly: John Rees and the fragile politics of broadness

Peter Manson reports on the launch of John Rees’s ‘united front against austerity’

People's Assembly: A rough guide

Who is behind the launch of the People’s Assembly? What are the aims and methods? Peter Manson looks at the personalities, politics and possibilities

SWP crisis: Offering token concessions

As the crisis rumbles on, the SWP leadership admits it has gone through an ‘extremely bruising period’. Peter Manson reports on the central committee’s perspectives

Appeal from the editor

The appeal is going for the moment, but will return. Peter Manson thanks comrades for their support

Appeal from the editor

SWP: In decay and in denial

Peter Manson contrasts the speakers lists for Marxism 2013 and Counterfire

SWP: Opposition springs back to life

The fightback must be principled and programmatically armed, urges Peter Manson

Appeal from the editor

Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson has better news this week

Sectarian left: Svengalis of Left Unity block unity

Peter Manson examines two contrasting views of the new attempt to revive Labourism

Appeal from the editor

Contributions have reached a worrying stand-still, writes Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson

Syria: Toxic weapons and revolutionary illusions

Even if it is true that Assad is employing chemical weapons, writes Peter Manson, Obama does not want to act in a way that would trigger the total breakdown of the Syrian state

Appeal from the editor

Contributions to our legal appeal have slowed down a bit, says Peter Manson, can you help step things up again?

Thatcher sanctification: The new Churchill?

Attempts to elevate Margaret Thatcher into a national hero are unlikely to succeed, writes Peter Manson

Appeal from the editor

The lastest on our legal appeal from Peter Manson

Thatcher: Obituary

The politics of revenge are understandable, but futile, argues Peter Manson. It is not individual representatives of capitalism that need ‘getting’: it is capitalism itself

Appeal from the editor

Peter Manson, editor of the Weekly Worker, welcomes the latest contributions to our legal fund

South African left: Attempt to go round already existing mass organisations

Wasp might be able to sting the SACP/Cosatu bureaucracy. But, asks Peter Manson, can it become a mass party capable of leading a socialist revolution?

Appeal from the editor

Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson provides an update

Appeal from the editor

Peter Manson sees the support our readers have given us so far, and gives an update

The left: Loach makes his bid for unity

Can anything positive arise from the SWP crisis? Peter Manson believes it can if we stick to our principles

SWP leadership crisis: If you don’t talk about it ...

Peter Manson thinks that the SWP leadership needs to stop doing its ostrich impression

SWP special conference: Apparatus uses fair means and foul

Peter Manson asks what can still be saved from the SWP

Appeal from the editor

Peter Manson gives an update

Jerry Hicks interview: Not more of the same

The Provisional Central Committee of the CPGB is urging support for Jerry Hicks, the rank-and-file candidate in the Unite election. Peter Manson spoke to him about his campaign and perspectives

Appeal from the editor

Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson provides an update on our legal help appeal

Appeal from the editor

Peter Manson asks our readers for their support

STWC conference: Big claims, bankrupt politics

How can we ‘stop the war’? Peter Manson reports on the 2003 protest nostalgia

Appeal from the editor

Peter Manson reports to our readers

SWP crisis: Green light for expulsions

The opposition is about to be given a new lease of life, writes Peter Manson

SWP:Apparatus gears up for war

This weekend’s national committee meeting looks set to trigger a showdown, writes Peter Manson

Opposition blog?: Doubts exist over authenticity

The Weekly Worker is publishing a statement from the new 'SWP Opposition' blog, but doubts over the blogs authenticity remain, reports Peter Manson

SWP: Expelled before conference begins

Once more the SWP central committee has acted to silence critics and cut off debate, reports Peter Manson

SWP conference: Crazy contortions of SWP central committee

Following criticisms of the SWP’s culture and practice in the first two Internal Bulletins, the leadership has mobilised to rubbish opponents. Peter Manson reports

By elections: Austerity assault intensifies

The coalition is not as ‘weak’ as last week’s election results suggest, says Peter Manson

Egypt Mursi: Showing his true colours

The SWP's decision to call for a Muslim Brotherhood vote in Egypt is coming back to haunt them, writes Peter Manson

UTR: Sectarian and philistine

The SWP’s fear of genuine debate was on grisly display throughout the day. Peter Manson reports on the Unite the Resistance conference

Socialist Party: On a publicity high

In an interesting session on events in South Africa and the local CWI body the Democratic Socialist Movement, Peter Manson thinks that a more serious approach to the SACP is needed

Socialist Party: Economist republicanism

The Socialist Party's economism was on full display during a session on the monarchy and the state reports Peter Manson

Socialist Party: Unity of the left can wait

No it cannot, says Peter Manson

SWP conference: An anatomical investigation

A minority of SWP comrades are taking advantage of their right to put their views before the membership once a year. Peter Manson reviews the latest Pre-conference Bulletin

TUC Demo: Union lefts rely on general strike strategy

Saturday’s TUC demonstration showed that there is a burning desire to fight, writes Peter Manson. But ending the age of austerity requires a governmental alternative not on offer from Ed Miliband

SWP: Annual show of ‘democracy’

This years first Internal Bulletin is a CC dominated token effort at democratic debate. Will this change, wonders Peter Manson?

Why the ship won’t sail

Peter Manson reports on the misplaced efforts to talk up the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Police slaughter and apologetics

The Morning Star has come unstuck with its uncritical support for the ANC, writes Peter Manson

And they call this sport

The establishment intends to use the ‘legacy’ of the Olympics to consolidate British national chauvinist ideology and ruling class values, writes Peter Manson

Grasping the Olympic enigma

The hype and nationalistic overkill is enough to put off even the keenest of sports lovers, writes Peter Manson. But the left needs to maintain a sense of balance

The passing of a liquidationist scheme

The Anti-Capitalist Initiative is not long for this world. Peter Manson reports on the departure of its largest component

Private SWP quarrels and public SWP gagging

The main role of the annual Marxism festival seems to be making new recruits and attempting to buoy up the rank and file. Peter Manson reports

Miliband turns a deeper shade of blue

Is the Labour leader 'pandering to racism' Peter Manson looks at Ed Miliband's June 22 speech

Arab spring in retreat

All the evidence points to the ascendancy of counterrevolutionary forces in Syria, writes Peter Manson

Ideologically bankrupt

The South African Communist Party has published a new version of its programme. Peter Manson analyses 'The South African road to socialism'

Broad fronts and liquidationism

CPGB members have been discussing the Anti-Capitalist Initiative and the role of Communist Students. Peter Manson reports

Vauxhall: defeat for all car workers

Peter Manson reports on a deal that represents an attack on working conditions

Small rooms and the politics of dishonesty

The Anti-Capitalist Initiative represents a further liquidationist retreat, writes Peter Manson

Same old failings

With the Tory-Lib Dem coalition on the ropes and Labour proposing no positive alternative, the left seems incapable of taking advantage. Peter Manson reports

Abolish the second chamber

Whether partly elected or not, the House of Lords will continue to impose checks and balances against democracy, writes Peter Manson

Like looking for a needle in a haystack

Peter Manson calls for critical support for Ken Livingstone, for Labour anti-cuts candidates and for all those standing on a left, working class platform

Galloway shows what can be done

How can the left make the most of the Bradford West result? Peter Manson joins the debate

Thin dividing line

The 'cash for access' row has once again exposed the contradictions inherent in capitalism, writes Peter Manson

Sport solidarity, not Sport relief

Sarah McDonald and other comrades will be running the Vienna marathon to raise money for Iranian Workers, here she explains why you should show support

Expulsion and exclusion as war threat grows

The SWP no longer controls Stop the War, writes Peter Manson, but its successors still practise SWP-style bureaucratism

Hague claims mask new threats

As the drums of war against Iran beat ever louder, Peter Manson takes a look at the latest remarks by the British foreign secretary.

Tories wobbling over health bill

As Camreron attempts to push through his disastrous Health and Social Care Bill cracks have opened up in the government, Peter Manson examines the issue.

Muddle, passivity, conformity

The SWP's annual conference was a big let-down following the positive ideas put forward in the final pre-conference internal bulletin. Peter Manson reports

Politics, not voluntarism

The left is trying to wish a mass fightback into existence. Peter Manson reports on the Unite the Resistance 'emergency conference'

Signs of an awakening

Calls for internal democracy within the Socialist Workers Party can only be welcomed. Peter Manson reports on the third and final 'Pre-conference Bulletin'

The disappearing slogan

Whatever happened to 'All out, stay out'? Peter Manson investigates

Appearances are everything

Peter Manson reports on the SWP's obsession with numbers regarding its latest recruiting front

No ambition, no vision

As the unions prepare for the biggest strike since 1926, the SWP cannot see further than recruiting to itself. Peter Manson reports on its second internal bulletin

Vile class-collaboration on display at Westminster

Peter Manson looks at the reaction of the Morning Star to the defeat of the Commons motion for a referendum on the European Union

ANC bureaucrats target youth league demagogue

The South African Communist Party has no answer to Julius Malema's black nationalism, writes Peter Manson

The tiny cog and its mechanical mindset

Peter Manson reviews the first of three SWP pre-conference bulletins

Besancenot: go beyond outdated national borders

Last weekend's Europe Against Austerity event adopted the aim of a 'day of industrial action' across the continent in 2012. Peter Manson reports on the conference's strengths and weaknesses

Miliband reassures capital

Peter Manson considers Ed Miliband's vacuous speech to Labour Party conference

Proper sites, not eviction

Travellers must be free to follow the lifestyle of their choice, writes Peter Manson

Side with working class or, in the name of god, go

The TUC congress represented a positive step towards united working class resistance against coalition attacks, writes Peter Manson

A fleeting moment of power, pure joy and fulfilment

Our movement needs to provide hope for a generation of young people who have lost all hope - that can only be done by making real our vision of working class rule and socialism, argues Peter Manson

Giving up on Unison

Members of the Socialist Party in England and Wales employed by two local councils in London have resigned from Britain's largest public sector union. Peter Manson sees a parallel in SPEW's abandonment of Labour

British jobs for British workers?

The struggle for jobs at Bombardier must not be diverted by sectionalism or nationalism, urges Peter Manson

From Tony Cliff to Alex Callinicos

Peter Manson looks at the leadership pecking order and calls for the SWP to open up

Beginning of the end

The Respect national council has declared that 'carrying on as if nothing has changed' is 'not an option'. Peter Manson reports

Give up on Tusc

'If there was a serious prospect of shifting Labour towards the left, no serious Marxist could stand aside from this.' Peter Taaffe should live up to his words, says Peter Manson

Build on growing anti-cuts mood

Militant opponents of the Con-Dem cuts are few and far between. Peter Manson takes a looks around the country

Non-Labour left election results

The performance of the non-Labour left on May 5 was, to be frank, dismal, writes Peter Manson

Getting the message across

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group was among those arrested for attempting a street theatre performance to coincide with the royal wedding. They were accused of 'conspiracy to cause a public nuisance' and detained for more than 24 hours. He spoke to Peter Manson

Vote working class anti-cuts

Peter Manson discusses forthcoming council elections and the AV referendum

Left gets it wrong

Cameron should not be condemned for playing into the hands of the BNP, argues Peter Manson. He should be condemned for pushing a vicious anti-working class line right now

Latest irresponsible split from SWP

The defection of Chris Bambery and a section of the Scottish membership highlights systemic failings. Peter Manson reports

Serwotka gives a lead - TUC must follow

The TUC has had leadership of the anti-cuts movement thrust upon it, writes Peter Manson. But the left must look to the long term

Unity across the Arab world

The Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt are a group that adheres to the same tradition as our Socialist Workers Party. Peter Manson asked Mohammad Hamama, a prominent RS member, about the prospects for the working class movement in Egypt and beyond

Release the six

Peter Manson calls for solidarity with Zimbabwean comrades

Socialism means winning the majority

Winning a 'yes' vote in the May 5 referendum on AV should be seen as part of the battle for extreme democracy, writes Peter Manson

Make unity a reality

Differences over tactics are no reason to keep the anti-cuts movement divided, argues Peter Manson

Programme for the class

After two long days of intense debate and argument, CPGB comrades unanimously agreed our organisation's redrafted Draft programme on Sunday January 23. Peter Manson reports

Another one bites the dust

Even before SWP comrades gather in London for their annual conference, the central committee has sacked Martin Smith as national secretary and replaced him by Charlie Kimber. Peter Manson looks at an organisation in crisis

Build on the momentum

The November 27 Coalition of Resistance conference, despite obvious weaknesses, marked a good start in the struggle to stop the government's cuts onslaught. Peter Manson reports

Rise to the challenge

Editor Peter Manson calls upon readers to help transform the financial base of our paper in 2011

Clutching at straws

The Respect Party is looking for a revival of its flagging fortunes through the election of George Galloway as an MSP. Peter Manson reports on a low-key conference

A programme to unite all Marxists

Peter Manson reports on the second day of the October 16-17 CPGB aggregate

On the anti-war side

Peter Manson argues for comrades' consistency

Debating the Labour leadership contest

Opposition to the CPGB call to give a critical vote for Diane Abbott is based on leftist abstentionism, argues Peter Manson

Freedom to choose emancipation and dress

To force a woman to remove her veil is just as subjugating as forcing her to cover up. Peter Manson replies to left and right criticisms

BP, Libya and the national interest

Peter Manson looks at the furore over the release of the 'Lockerbie bomber'

French burqa ban has nothing to do with women's rights

The left in France has shown itself lacking, argues Peter Manson. We oppose state bans, just as we oppose the enforced veiling of women

Defections no answer

Peter Manson looks at the latest split from the Socialist Workers Party

Fight for genuine PR

Peter Manson recommends a 'yes' vote in May 2011

Obama's Afghan strategy in tatters

The change of top military command in Afghanistan is not about personalities, writes Peter Manson

Labour Party and communist strategy

Is there space within Labour to struggle for democracy and a left revival? Peter Manson reports on the CPGB debate

Use opportunity of Diane Abbott leadership bid

Rightwing scheming as well as John McDonnell's withdrawal has ensured there will be a left candidate for the Labour leadership after all, writes Peter Manson

No to the race to the bottom

Peter Manson looks at the prospects for the BA strike

SWP stunt backfires

Peter Manson finds only shamefaced and dishonest criticism

McDonnell blocked by NEC bureaucrats

Despite the current ascendancy of the right, Labour is likely to see a shift to the left, argues Peter Manson

Abysmal day for non-Labour left

The performance of non-Labour working class candidates on May 6 was woeful. Peter Manson and John Masters report on the candidates, the figures and the excuses

Shrill voices and social weight

Peter Manson finds social weight is a commodity all of the left lacks

Posing to the left

Nancy Platts is the Labour candidate for Brighton Pavilion, where she is opposed by Green Party leader Caroline Lucas, not to mention Arthur Scargill's Socialist Labour Party. While the CPGB will not recommend a vote for the petty bourgeois Greens, we will support any Labour candidate who meets our two conditions: opposition to all cuts in public services and an immediate withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan. Peter Manson spoke to her

Help not required?

Peter Manson reports on the welcome he received from Tusc campaigners in south London

Socialists in trade union clothing

Peter Manson was at the very modest official launch of the latest halfway house project

Vetoes and three-minute decision-making

Domination by trade union bureaucrats, no time to debate or discuss politics, and the attempt to cover up social democratic politics with Marxist excuses. Peter Manson reports

ANC battle hots up

The rightwing is not only playing the race card, writes Peter Manson

TUSC - give critical support despite many political shortcomings

But continue to fight for partyist unity around a Marxist programme, urges Peter Manson

Developing Marxist theory

The Critique journal is celebrating its 50th issue. Peter Manson spoke to its editor, Hillel Ticktin

Left Platform throws in the towel

Following the departure of John Rees, Lindsey German and all their supporters from the Socialist Workers Party, lessons must be learnt, says Peter Manson

Left unity should be a top priority

Tusc poses the necessity of a Marxist party, not a Labour Party mark two, writes Peter Manson

No more proscriptions, bans or secret cabals

The CPB has pulled out of Tusc, reports Peter Manson. Where does that leave the coalition?

Left Platform trounced

Peter Manson reports on an overwhelming victory for Martin Smith and the central committee

Email thought crimes and the Left Platform

The SWP central committee has made its intentions regarding the opposition Left Platform crystal-clear, writes Peter Manson. John Rees, Lindsey German, Chris Nineham and their supporters now look set to be charged with 'factionalism' and expelled

The polemical alternative

Peter Manson reports on the latest debates of CPGB members and supporters

Defend Rees-German and the Left Platform

Peter Manson looks at the organisational moves to pre-empt a full debate, the factional war in the latest Pre-conference Bulletin and the ending of the silence over Jane Loftus

Rival CNWP launched

Another month and yet another call for a halfway-house working class party - this time by the Trotskyist group, Workers Power. Peter Manson is not impressed

Towards an election coalition

November 7 saw the latest in what now seems to be an annual conference on working class political representation, organised by the RMT union. Peter Manson reports

Racism or nationalism

Much of the left continues to experience a great deal of difficulty in coming to terms with the British state's now highly developed official anti-racism, writes Peter Manson. The fact is that the state has colonised the left's anti-racism and turned it into its dialectical opposite - anti-racist national chauvinism

SWP dumps John Rees

The leader with the greatest responsibility for the Respect disaster has been ousted. Peter Manson reports on the palace coup in the SWP

Union struggles need political leadership

'Summer of discontent' looms, says Peter Manson

Carry on regardless

It is time for the SWP membership to call a halt to the leadership's stubborn GLA charade, argues Peter Manson

Defeat the liquidators

Communists should give a guarded welcome to the decision of the LCR to launch a new revolutionary party, writes Peter Manson

No respect for socialist principle

The story of Respect is nearing its end. Peter Manson looks back at the saga of SWP opportunism. This article was originally commissioned by the Russian journal Levaya Politika (Left Politics)

John Rees must be crazy if he thinks Londoners will elect Lindsey German to the GLA

The Socialist Workers Party leadership may have marginalised its internal opposition for the moment. But its strategy has been thoroughly exposed as an unmitigated disaster. Peter Manson reports on the SWP conference and the latest developments in Respect

Battle of the soul of SACP

Whether or not newly elected ANC president Jacob Zuma is a criminal, just what is the South African Communist Party playing at in supporting him? Peter Manson reports from South Africa

Crisis can no longer be hidden

The crisis that split apart Respect is now enveloping the SWP itself. Peter Manson looks at the bitter debate within the organisation

Programme debate continues

CPGB comrades in London are continuing our discussions on the redrafting of our Draft programme and we are now coming towards the end of section three of the current version, 'Immediate demands'. Peter Manson reports

Renewal of populism

The Galloway version of Respect is taking confidence from its common anti-SWPism, writes Peter Manson. But the lack of clarity inherited from its parent means it cannot be a vehicle for working class advance

The futility and absurdity of halfway house projects

As both wings of the organisation once known as Respect gather for 'conferences' in London, there is a good deal or hype and unfounded official optimism in the air, says Peter Manson

Two Respects, two dead ends

John Rees has achieved what he set out to do in provoking a split, writes Peter Manson. But it is a pyrrhic victory, leaving the SWP more isolated than ever

After his Moscow, Rees faces his Waterloo

The leadership of the Socialist Workers Party is not only fighting Galloway and his allies in Respect. Peter Manson shows that there is growing discontent in the ranks of the SWP itself

Immediate demands

CPGB comrades in London have been engaged in an ongoing debate over the contents of our Draft programme in line with the decision taken last year to update and redraft it, reports Peter Manson

Attempting to retreat in good order

Respect's terminal crisis is spreading acute tensions into the SWP, writes Peter Manson, with the leadership expelling three more prominent dissidents

Socialism from below in Respect

Longstanding SWP member Nick Bird has resigned from the organisation in protest at its lack of internal democracy and change of policy on Respect. He spoke to Peter Manson

Looking for pastures new

As the SWP leadership poses left in order to prepare the membership for a future without Respect, Peter Manson calls upon the rank and file to rebel from the left

Now it must be counted amongst the living dead

Respect's national council solves nothing. The rot cannot be hidden, says Peter Manson

Demise imminent

Exactly how and when Respect will meet its end is impossible to tell, writes Peter Manson. But, judging by what the SWP leaders are saying, it is not long for this world

George Galloway demands the scalp of John Rees - so do we

Following the failure of the SWP to reach an accommodation with George Galloway, is John Rees now preparing for a final showdown at Respect's annual conference in November? Peter Manson reports on the latest developments

George Galloway's rebellion rocks SWP

Peter Manson looks at the civil war being fought out in the run-up to the November 17-18 conference

Respect - the party for everybody

Businessman Harun Miah is Respect's candidate in the August 9 council by-election in Shadwell, Tower Hamlets. He defeated the SWP's nominee in Respect's selection meeting and is being opposed by former Labour leader of the council Michael Keith. The by-election was sparked when sitting Respect councillor Shamim Chowdhury resigned, at first citing "changed personal circumstances", but then launching a bitter attack on his former colleagues. Harun Miah spoke to Peter Manson

Snail's pace split

The July 11-15 12th Congress of the South African Communist Party saw the long drawn out process of an SACP split from the African National Congress continue at a snail's pace. Peter Manson comments

SWP and morality

An ideal opportunity to challenge the SWP leadership over its attitude to Martin Smith's thuggery came at the Sunday afternoon session aptly entitled 'Marxism and morality'. Peter Manson reports

Complacent indifference

Peter Manson on the session 'Scotland - on the road to independence?'

Unity and opportunism

The CPGB is not advocating building a Marxist party through a rotten deal with the current SWP and SPEW leaders, writes Peter Manson. Our call for unity is inseparable from the struggle for working class principle

Campaigning with Marxist teeth

Oppose all halfway houses, says Peter Manson. We need to be absolutely clear on our principles

Facing disintegration

As South Africa's public sector strike continues to escalate, the crisis besetting the South African Communist Party can only deepen. Peter Manson looks at the SACP's contradictory role

Two-way traffic and continued divisions

As the SWP desperately tries to keep a semblance of control over its Respect offspring in Tower Hamlets, the local branch has seen one of its councillors cross the floor to Labour, while a high-profile Labour leftwinger moves in the opposite direction. Peter Manson reports

Where now for CMP?

Peter Manson looks at the prospects for the Campaign for a Marxist Party and reports on the first in a series of CMP day schools

'It has to go'

The May 26 CMP day school, held in Manchester's Friends Meeting House, was the first in a series of four originally designed to facilitate the CMP-CPGB merger process. Peter Manson reports

Ghosts of 2002, poverty of 2007

The deeply divided French left has only itself to blame for its abysmal results in the presidential election. Peter Manson looks at the continuing decline of the Parti Communiste Français and the bankruptcy of the far left

Party standing on principle

Sajid Mehmood is the Respect candidate for Park ward in the metropolitan district council of Calderdale. Peter Manson spoke to him about his strange route into Respect - via Labour, the Tories and Labour again

Sheridan to back SNP

Both the Scottish Socialist Party and Solidarity are in self-destruct mode, says Peter Manson

New star recruit Tafazzal Hussain: businessman

Peter Manson on the former Lib Dem council candidate Tafazzal Hussain, who has just joined Respect

Uphill battle for McDonnell

With in all likelihood only a couple of months to go before Tony Blair steps down as Labour leader, the campaign to elect John McDonnell as his replacement is still unable to gather enough steam to ensure that, at the very least, his name appears on the ballot paper. Peter Manson reports

CMP steps up a gear

Peter Manson reports on the first national members' meeting of the Campaign for a Marxist Party

Nationalist squabbles

On Saturday March 3 both the Scottish Socialist Party and Solidarity held one-day policy conferences in Glasgow to finalise their respective manifestoes for the May 3 election to the Scottish parliament. Peter Manson comments

May 3 and the CPGB

The forthcoming elections will feature a number of left Labour and socialist candidates and slates, writes Peter Manson. On what basis should we decide who deserves our support?

Messenger or message?

Peter Manson reports from the February 24 Stop the War Coalition demonstration in London

Choosing the butcher

With the presidential elections looming and the two mainstream candidates neck and neck, France's establishment looks set to take another step towards its goal of establishing a stable, two-party system. Peter Manson looks at the failure of the left to provide an alternative

It's not what you know but who you know

On January 23 Yasir Idris was selected at a meeting of South West Birmingham Respect to contest the Moseley and Kings Heath ward in the May council elections. He beat the Socialist Workers Party's Helen Salmon by 35 votes to 20. Peter Manson spoke to him

For workers' unity, for open borders

On January 26 the government announced yet another batch of anti-migrant measures in its UK Borders Bill, which will have its second reading on February 5. Peter Manson reports

How to fight for party

Around 20 comrades came together for the first London meeting of the Campaign for a Marxist Party on January 21. This took the form of a debate and discussion on the immediate tasks of the CMP, initiated by Mike Macnair of the CPGB and Chris Grey of New Interventions. Peter Manson reports

Decriminalise sex work

How should the left relate to sex workers? Following the murder of five prostitutes in Ipswich, Peter Manson spoke to Ana Lopes of the International Union of Sex Workers (www.iusw.org)

SWP 'no platform' fiasco

Last weekend's grandly named People's Assembly saw the Socialist Workers Party adopt a highly contradictory position on the crucial question of defence of democratic rights, including the right to free speech. Peter Manson reports

Breakaway deeply divided from birth

Peter Manson reports on the uneasy alliances within Tommy Sheridan's new party Solidarity

Spin, deception and eclecticism

If there was ever any doubt, Respect's third annual conference, held over the weekend of October 14-15, confirmed that the organisation is now indisputably a Socialist Worker Party front, writes Peter Manson. Despite efforts to prove the opposite, Respect is visibly shrinking

Don't talk about George!

Workers Unity platform members attempted to get an emergency motion on the McNeilage scandal debated at the Scottish Socialist Party conference, but it was ruled out of order. Sandy McBurney spoke to Peter Manson

SSP says it will not expel tape man George McNeilage

Peter Manson reports on the latest developments in the Tommy Sheridan saga

Time for politics

Peter Manson reports from the September 23 'Time to go' demonstration in Manchester

Poles apart, or workers' unity?

Ewa Jasiewicz is a Transport and General Workers Union organiser in the north-west with particular responsibility for the recruitment of Polish migrant workers. She spoke to Peter Manson

McCombes or Sheridan, the problem is still nationalism

Peter Manson comments on the split of the Scottish Socialist Party

After the court victory, civil war begins in earnest

Peter Manson comments on what awaits the Scottish Socialist Party in the aftermath of Tommy Sheridan's court victory

Fight for two states, fight for Arab unity

A 'secular, democratic Palestine' has suddenly made a reappearance in Socialist Worker, writes Peter Manson. But it turns out that what is envisaged will be neither democratic nor secular

Two nations, Two secular states

It is not enough to demand an end to the Israeli assault on Lebanon and a vague 'justice for the Palestinians', says Peter Manson. The left and anti-war movement as a whole must be won to a fully democratic solution

Opportunism and hype

The Socialist Workers' Party's annual Marxism school marked another step along the popular front road. Peter Manson, Anne Mc Shane and Phil Kent report

A pox on both their houses

The split between the two wings of the Scottish Socialist Party continues to widen. Peter Manson examines latest developments

Battle lines drawn

Tommy Sheridan has launched a Bonapartist power-grab. This weekend's national council looks set to ratchet up tensions even further, writes Peter Manson

Scottish Socialist Party spirals into all out civil war

Peter Manson looks at the factions and politics behind the headlines and Tommy Sheridan's grab for power

Personality crisis

The Scottish Socialist Party appears to be on the brink of a potentially devastating split between, on the one hand, the supporters of the party's former convenor and most prominent figure, Tommy Sheridan, and, on the other, the leadership majority around the SSP's main theoretician, policy and press coordinator Alan McCombes. Peter Manson reports

SWP failure within Respect success

Peter Manson comments on the results of the May 4 local elections

'Talib Johnny' drops in and out

Peter Manson looks at Birmingham city councillor for Sparkbrook, Talib Hussain, who resigned from Respect only a week after joining

'Marxists' for another Labour Party

The March 19 launch of the Socialist Party's Campaign for a New Workers' Party went according to plan, writes Peter Manson. The 450 comrades who signed up to its founding declaration overwhelmingly voted for the SP's plans for a Labour Party mark two.

'Marxists' for another Labour Party

The March 19 launch of the Socialist Party's Campaign for a New Workers' Party went according to plan, writes Peter Manson. The 450 comrades who signed up to its founding declaration overwhelmingly voted for the SP's plans for a Labour Party mark two.

How many more careerists?

In Tower Hamlets, a prospective local elections candidate has resigned from Respect. Peter Manson reports

SWP 'racism' fig leaf

The furore following the Danish cartoons has not subsided, writes Peter Manson. But the position of many islamic groups - backed up by the Socialist Workers Party - plays into the hands of islamophobes

Islamophobia: no! Free speech: yes!

Peter Manson analyses the furore over the Danish cartoon controversy

Freedom of speech still in danger

While Blair's defeat over religious incitement is to be welcomed, the new law could still be wielded against the working class, writes Peter Manson. That is why it is appalling that George Galloway and Respect were New Labour's only allies in the Commons

Representation - crisis unresolved

As expected, the RMT's 'Crisis in working class representation' conference was almost entirely a gathering of the organised left, writes Peter Manson. The union bureaucracy has no intention of founding a new political party

SWP bites its lip

The Socialist Workers Party is deeply uneasy about George Galloway's antics in the Big brother house - but it was them who gave him carte blanche to be a free agent in the first place, says Peter Manson

Maverick George Galloway offends SWP sensibilities

George Galloway's decision to try his hand at 'reality' TV as a Big brother contestant has thrown Respect and the Socialist Workers Party into disarray, to put it mildly. Peter Manson reports

We are better than them!

Peter Manson reports from last Saturday's 'international peace confernce' in London, which was more of a rally - and gave no answers as to what the anti-war movement should be doing next

Stalinist atmosphere reigns

Our republication of a mildly critical piece from the Socialist Workers Party's Pre-conference bulletin seems to have caused a furious row inside the SWP - at least judging by the reaction of its author, Dave Crouch. Peter Manson reports

Gay rights 'shibboleth'

Was it just an oversight that gay and lesbian rights did not feature in Respect's election manifestio? Apparently not, as the debate at conference showed. Peter Manson reports

A strange amalgam

Respect's second annual conference took place over the weekend of November 19-20. But what is Respect, asks Peter Manson - a party or coalition? In fact it is a chimera, a multi-headed beast which is regularly redefined by its leaders according to needs and circumstances

Reviving left reformism

The Socialist Party in England and Wales is recruiting and in buoyant mood, writes Peter Manson. Its November 12-13 weekend school demonstrated that sectarianism brings short-term advantages

Short-termist and dishonest

Peter Manson looks at the role of the Socialist Party in the public service pensions sell-out

State of emergency against youth revolt

While France explodes, the left pontificates. Peter Manson exposes the narrow-mindedness of economism

Left facing both ways

The Socialist Alliance council voted overwhelmingly to engage with the RESPECT unity coalition, reports Peter Manson

Jacques Chirac's Lutte Ouvri�re policemen

'Marxists' front for the oppressors of Muslims, writes Peter Manson

Electoral deal ratified

Peter Manson reports on the French left and the EU elections

Socialist Party gains second Lewisham councillor

Peter Manson reports on the election of Chris Flood

An utter mess

In June a rotten settlement gave management carte blanche to impose 'modernisation' on firefighters' working conditions. Now the promised seven percent rise is to be phased in. Fire Brigades Union London regional officer Matt Wrack spoke to Peter Manson about the background to the latest wave of unofficial action

Class politics not electoralism

It looks as though the Socialist Workers Party's hopes for a cross-class 'peace and justice' coalition to contest next year's European and Greater London Authority elections are alive and well after all. Peter Manson reports

Golden opportunity missed

General election 2001

The left - in the shape of the Socialist Alliance, Scottish Socialist Party and Welsh Socialist Alliance - have, in the coming general election, the biggest opportunity for decades to make headway.

Imagine no nationalism

Hands off Iraq

For a working class-led people's revolution against Saddam Hussein

Strikers defy injunction

Last Monday's strike of tubeworkers all but paralysed the London underground network, leading to the cancellation of around 92% of scheduled trains. The management of London Underground Ltd had expected to be able to run a reasonable service after obtaining an injunction in the High Court declaring the strike ballot by the Rail, Maritime and Transport union "invalid", despite the 90% RMT vote in favour of action. LUL stated it had not received enough information relating to the numbers involved in each workplace, as per its entitlement under Thatcher's anti-union legislation, now wielded by New Labour. The strike called by the other main rail union, Aslef, most of whose members are drivers, was allowed to proceed.

Socialist Alliance

Last week's by-elections produced excellent results for the left. The Socialist Alliance, standing for the first time in Lancashire, saved its deposit in Preston, while the Scottish Socialist Party polled more than seven percent in the two seats vacated by the death of Donald Dewar in Glasgow Anniesland. Meanwhile the Socialist Party won another seat in a council by-election in Lewisham, south London.

Expelled for speaking out

Harry Paterson, a long-standing member of the Socialist Party/Militant, has had his appeal against expulsion turned down. He spoke to Peter Manson of the Weekly Worker

Nellist hides as SWP is purged

The leadership of the Leeds Left Alliance - an affiliate of the Socialist Alliance - has won its rigged postal ballot banning the Socialist Workers Party.

Call for unity

Andy Holder is England's first self-declared Socialist Alliance councillor, representing a ward in Burnley, Lancashire. He spoke to Peter Manson What is your background in politics?

Theoretically disabled polemic

Peter Taaffe Cuba - socialism and democracy CWI Publications, London 2000, pp124, £4.99

Planting the flag

Working class fighter takes on New Labour Weyman Bennett is our London Socialist Alliance candidate for Tottenham in the June 22 parliamentary by-election. Peter Manson spoke to him

Left numbers game

Labour Party lobby

Taaffe does a U-turn

SPEW’s last-minute about-turn on ‘supporting’ SWP lobby reflects internal crisis

Unity against Blair

SWP and the left must break from auto-Labourism

London left unity

Party notes

Need for programme

AWL faces both ways


AWL election contest

Left unity call

After June 10 European elections

Triumph for new order

South African elections

Long journey’s end

Irish liquidators liquidate

Socialist challenge

Outrageous exclusion

Blaming the oppressed

South Africa ‘reconciles’ apartheid with its victims

Political fightback

There is no future for the Socialist Alliances in tailing spontaneity

Open fight for communism

Localist dead end

Freedom for Kosovo!

Independence fight

For revolutionary unity

In the last of three articles on South Africa Peter Manson examines the state of the left

SACP tensions

Vusikaya Mvuyisi is the chair of the Khayelitsha district of the South African Communist Party. Peter Manson spoke to him in the shack township outside Cape Town

Delivering the masses

In the second of three articles on South Africa Peter Manson looks at the role of the South African Communist Party

Capital backs Mandela

In the first of three articles following his recent stay in South Africa Peter Manson analyses the process of capitalist consolidation following the transition from apartheid

New threat to liberty

London Left Unity

Last week’s launch of the all-London Socialist Alliance signals the start of a real fightback against Blair

France: Unemployed fight back

Black section uproar

Peter Manson reports on the SLP congress

One route?

Ronnie McDonald was general secretary of offshore union Oilc from 1992 until his retirement from the post in January. Peter Manson asked him about his decision to join the SLP earlier this year

State hits right to publish

Sticking with Blair

As New Labour’s transformation continues, the left clings on

New democratic organisation

Peter Manson asked comrade Driver how he now sees the left moving forward

Accurately produced

Peter Manson replies for the Weekly Worker

The criticism of comrades

Party notes

For working class independence

Peter Manson replies to criticism of Jack Conrad’s pamphlet, Blair’s rigged referendum and Scotland’s right to self-determination

Socialist Worker clings to Labour

New Labour has committed itself to carrying on where the Tories left off. But, as conference prepares to vote in the ‘Partnership in power’ rule changes, the left is strangled by its own Labourism

Good lord!

Lords, ladies and her majesty’s loyal nationalists join establishment lash-up

On the sidelines

Debating the legacy of John Maclean

Still making excuses

Shades of John Maclean

Fisc snaps up ‘distinctive propaganda’

Indian Workers Association joins the SLP

New opening for imperialism

Down but not out

Sectarianism weakens election campaign

Duma’s internal enemy

Revolutionary candidates: AY Badayev

Representative of the Communist International

Revolutionary candidates: Walton Newbold

Tribune of the people

Revolutionary candidates: Saklatvala

Alive and kicking

SLP vote squeezed

After Wirral South the writing is on the wall for the Tories. But will the Socialist Labour Party be up to the challenge of a New Labour government?

No unity without democracy

The Weekly Worker criticised for open debate

Throwing the book at library workers

Mounting the challenge to New Labour

Mick Cullen, one of the sacked Merseyside dockers, is standing for the Socialist Labour Party in the Wirral South by-election on February 27. Peter Manson asked him about the SLP’s prospects

Morris backs dockers’ co-op

Halewood looks to dockers

Ford workers need European unity

Workers’ alternative to New Labour

John Ireland is the Communication Workers Union assistant divisional officer for North Wales and the North-West. He spoke in a personal capacity to Peter Manson of the Weekly Worker about his decision to join the Socialist Labour Party

Labour - a safe pair of hands

New Labour’s new respectability will enable it to sail into office - but at our expense

Workers lose out in ‘racism’ row

Socialist Labour makes its mark

OP still talking

After last Sunday’s conference the search for organisational forms which avoid the discipline of democratic centralism goes on

SUPPLEMENT: Advance from vanguardism

On April 30 members of Open Polemic ended their membership of the CPGB. Here we print their reply to criticism of that decision published in Weekly Worker (May 9 1996). Below Mark Fischer replies and we print three documents submitted to the OP conference on December 1 from CPGB comrades

Railworkers feel SLP pull

Coordinate rail action

Solidarity action needed as railworkers face dismissal

Postal workers must control the leaders

Tories and Labour vie to hit jobless

Capitalism’s worldwide squeeze strikes home

Lang turns the screw on postalworkers

Power in our hands

Des Wilson is a catholic priest and community activist in West Belfast. Peter Manson asked him how he viewed the present situation in the Six Counties

Two votes for Labour

Organise for health

Our own agenda

Follow my lead

Kenny Craig is a member of the Socialist Labour Party who sits on the executive committee of the Rail Maritime Transport union. Peter Manson spoke to him about last week’s TUC, where he was a delegate

Workers refuse to give in

CWU must escalate to win

Labour blasts postworkers

CWU turning point

Postal strike escalates

CWU members say no deal

Privatisation threat

No asylum

Scargill gagged

Dennis McDonald is the North East regional organiser of the Socialist Labour Party. Peter Manson of the Weekly Worker asked him about the SLP’s participation at last weekend’s Durham Miners’ Gala

Playing for the same team?

Celebrating success

Fat cat of the year

Organise against teamworking

Desperately late

Final lap

Postal workers demand action

Rank and file put CWU on the offensive

One and the same

Peter Manson continues the debate on the Revolutionary Democratic Group’s theory of ‘democratic revolution’

Number one priority

Summer Offensive ’96

No secret

Summer Offensive ’96

Job well done

Communist Party Offensive 96

Picking up speed

Councillor’s struggle for change

Peter Clee is a full-time worker at Wallasey Unemployed Centre on Merseyside and has recently been re-elected as Labour councillor for Seacombe ward with one of the biggest majorities in the North-West. Peter Manson spoke to him

Balloting for action

Labour’s big idea: Scrap welfare

After the local elections Labour was back in the headlines in the form of Gordon Brown and Chris Smith. But have they provided the big idea everyone is looking for to challenge the Tories?

Labour and Tory onslaught: Council workers under attack

Plans by Tory-controlled Brent council to press ahead with the de-recognition of Unison need to be answered loud and clear

Council workers must stand firm

The attempt by a London council to deny its workers union rights sets a precedent which the entire movement must resist

Council workers prepare to fight

Unison threatened with derecognition in Brent

SE London SA launch

Step up the action

Workers are the real target

Walsall ‘socialists’ booted out

Second-best prescription

What kind of party for Ireland?

Peter Manson talked to Kevin McQuillan, a former leader of the Irish Republican Socialist Party and now in the Liam Mellowes Society

British ‘peace’ condemned

Breaking down the barriers to unity

Is a federal republic the way forward? Here we present two more contributions to the debate

Monks backs poverty pay

Union leaders are falling obediently behind Labour, but Labour is no answer for workers

No concession to nationalism

Jack Straw’s devolution plans need a workers’ response

Disabled protesters caged in

Demonstrators from Direct Action Network make their point outside parliament

New face, same attacks

Loss of a revolutionary

Harry Gwala: born July 30 1920; died June 19 1995

Bottomley’s dole queue

... but resistance continues

Rolls attacks meet with resistance

Winning tactics

The devil you know...

Unity at Rolls

Fight for car jobs

PO climbdown

Hulme family deportation

Marcus Miller, CP candidate for Moss Side, Manchester, calls for workers’ unity to smash immigration controls

Harassment in Hulme

The price of health

Healthworkers enjoyed a short-lived ‘victory’ in their fight to save Guys

Healthworkers’ pay unity under threat

Nurses demand a national three percent pay rise - but this is a pay cut in real terms

PO workers fight closures

Rank and file action across one union

Pat McManus is a staff nurse at the Central Middlesex Hospital in London. He is branch secretary for the main health union, Unison. Here he talks to Peter Manson

Workers’ action forces French climbdown

SACP must become a real Party

Veteran South African communist leader, Harry Gwala, talked to Peter Manson

Anti-racism charter calls for state bans

Unionist fury threatens Major

A negotiated settlement will have to keep Unionists on board, and will leave British imperialism intact

Postal workers show the way

Royal Mail workers forced management to reinstate a sacked colleague earlier this month

No reliance on police