Excellent start

Peter Manson provides the first update on the CPGB's Summer Offensive launch

The CPGB’s intensive fundraising drive, the Summer Offensive, began on July 1. The idea is to raise £30,000 by August 20 in order to aid all aspects of CPGB work, including next month’s Communist University and Hands Off the People of Iran, and, of course, playing our part in increasing the quality and influence of the Weekly Worker.

Talking of which, during the SO period all money raised for the Weekly Worker will be included in the overall total - although it goes without saying that, if you make a donation specifically to the paper, that is where it will go. But, in the meantime, Robbie Rix, together with the fighting fund column, will be taking a well-deserved break.

Although the SO began rather later than usual this year, it has got off to an excellent start, with no less than £5,821 already received after just five days. That compares very favourably with the £3,484 raised in the first week of the 2016 SO - when we went on to smash right through the £30k barrier.

Mind you, the coincidence of the start of our campaign with the mass anti-Tory demonstration in London on July 1 was a happy one. CPGB members and supporters ran stalls, sold badges, books and papers - at the end of the day £1,110 had been raised for the SO. That total was boosted enormously by the heroic work of comrades MF and TB.

Meanwhile, YM has agreed to sponsor the appearance of August Nimtz at Communist University, which begins on August 12 (see ad on p2). She has forked out £842 to pay for his flight. Another comrade who deserves a mention is MM, who has already donated a fantastic £600.

I can also report the contribution of comrade TB, who was accidentally double-charged for his subscription to this paper. However, when the error was discovered, he insisted on donating the £60 excess to the Summer Offensive! That’s the spirit, comrade.

Finally there are all those who make regular donations throughout the year. During the SO period their contributions will also count towards the overall total.

In the next couple of weeks our SO team will be busy contacting dozens of supporters and sympathisers, asking if they would like to play their part in raising the cash we need for our communist work. So expect a phone call! But please don’t feel you have to wait. Send in your cheque, made payable to CPGB, to BCM Box 928, London WC1N 3XX, or make a donation via PayPal on the CPGB website.