Payments in kind

That includes rum for the subeditors

As I write, there is exactly one month to go before the end of the CPGB’s Summer Offensive fundraising drive. We have set ourselves a target of £25,000, to be raised by August 25, and we currently have £9,482 in the kitty. I am pretty confident we can do it - so long as we keep up the momentum.

Among the big donors this week were JC, who paid £300 towards the CPGB’s Communist University, which runs from August 18-25 (see p7), and SK, who donated £230 to the Weekly Worker. Another £160 paid to the paper came from comrade BB - that’s an extra £100 on top of his annual subscription.

Then there was BG, who for the moment has made a bank transfer of just £10, but he’s promising to send us £50-worth of stamps very soon. Payments in kind are accepted, comrade! All in all, an extra £1,231 came our way over the last seven days.

That’s quite a bit below the asking rate, of course, but usually there’s a huge acceleration right at the end of the SO, especially at CU, our annual school. Which is why I’m so confident we can reach that much-needed target. As well as helping us carry out our regular work and publish our paper, we are planning to do some repairs and renovations in the Weekly Worker office. A couple of replacement computers with upgraded programs would not go amiss either!

Anyway, we have four and a half weeks left to raise the remaining £15,518. Whether you donate to the CPGB or the Weekly Worker, it all gets added to the total. You can do so by sending a cheque, payable to one or the other; by using PayPal on either website; or - best of all - by making a bank transfer (CPGB: 08-92-99, 65109991Weekly Worker: 30-99-64, 00744310).

Don’t keep us in suspense - help us make that target well before the final day of CU.

Peter Manson