On track

All aboard the Summer Offensive train

A very small team of CPGB comrades raised an impressive £653, mainly through the sale of badges, at the huge anti-Trump demonstration in London on July 13. This accounted for a large part of the £1,621 that helped boost our 2018 fundraising drive, the Summer Offensive, this week, taking the current total to £8,251.

Well, the target - to be raised by August 25 - is £25,000, so we are just about a third of the way there. I am really confident that we can achieve that much needed target, especially as a large part of the SO usually comes our way in the final seven days, during our week-long summer school, Communist University (for more details see http://cpgb.org.uk/pages/news/117/communist-university-2018 - the timetable will be available within the next few days).

The biggest individual SO donor this week was comrade KB, whose £280 was paid to the Weekly Worker - as was the £100 cheque from comrade EW, who promises to be “in meaningful contact” when he retires later in the year. That’s good news, because, as well as cash, there’s a whole lot of work to be done, particularly when it comes to our paper - described by comrade DB as “a great weekly”.

Other individual donations included those from MM (£75), TB (£50), DG and TR (£40 each).Thanks to all comrades who have helped keep the 2018 SO right on track.

Peter Manson