Make sure we get there

Peter Manson reports on the CPGB's Summer Offensive

This week a total of £2,217 was added to the CPGB’s Summer Offensive - our annual fundraising drive that helps fund party work and gives a much needed boost to the Weekly Worker too. So after just two weeks we have raised £8,038 towards our £30,000 target for the SO, which ends on August 20.

The biggest earners this week were the comrades who ran a stall in Durham at the miners’ gala. They made no less than £904 - which was rather better than the CPGB comrades who also had a stall at the Socialist Workers Party’s Marxism school in London: only £49 picked up there, I’m afraid.

Also included in the total are payments for the CPGB’s own summer school, Communist University, which begins on August 12. PM, who is flying over from the US for our CU, has paid £250, while SC (£200) and JT (£100) also chipped in.

As I’ve said, money raised for our paper also counts towards the SO total. But don’t worry - if you’ve made a donation to the Weekly Worker, it will be used for that purpose alone. And, speaking as its editor, I have a particular interest in making sure that happens.

Included in those donations this week were £25 each from BK and GD, plus £20 from DV - and the same amount added by BB to his annual subscription. Meanwhile MP chipped in with £10 via PayPal - he was one of 2,726 online readers of the Weekly Worker this week.

So we’re doing OK so far, but there are only another five and a bit weeks left to raise the remaining £22K. Every little helps, so please do what you can to make sure we get there.