See you at CU

Why not come meet the team, asks Peter Manson

Just as I was hoping, in the penultimate week of the CPGB’s Summer Offensive fundraising drive, we took a big leap forward towards our £25,000 target. We received a magnificent £4,042, taking us up to £16,236.

The overwhelming majority of that came from just three comrades, who between them contributed no less than £3,035. I’m talking about comrades YM, MM and PK. Mind you, there were a couple of dozen others who donated a much more modest sum - we’re talking about single figures in some cases. But it all adds up!

Anyway, as I write, there are nine days to go before the end of the Summer Offensive - the grand total raised will be announced at our celebratory meal on Friday August 24. This will be held on the final evening of Communist University, which begins on Saturday August 18 and ends a week later on Saturday August 25 (see p7).

I am now more than confident that we will get the £8,764 we still need by then. As I’ve previously said, CU is a good money-raising event (the stalls, the food and drink, the evening socialising …) as well as being a fantastic learning experience.

So, if you can, why not come along to south London next week? Contribute to both the debates and to the SO. But, if you can’t make it, then you can still make a donation - use PayPal via the website of either the CPGB or the Weekly Worker. Better still, make a bank transfer to the CPGB (sort code 08-92-99; account number 65109991) or the paper (sort code 30-99-64; account number 007443110).

Best of all though is to come along to Communist University and hand over your contribution in person. See you at CU!