Busting the target

No amount is too much, says Robbie Rix

Another good week for our fighting fund saw exactly £400 come in, taking our running total for October to £2,394, with more than a week still to go. Talk about busting the target (a mere £1,750)!

If we carry on this way, we will have to start thinking about more pages and more colour pages. The Corbyn victory has clearly had a positive effect. And, while all boats on the left are bound to be positively effected, the fact of the matter is that this paper grasped the importance of Corbyn’s campaign right from the beginning. Once he was on the ballot paper, he was bound to win.

Not that we are joining in with the Corbynmania. No, our aim has always been clear. While we fight to transform the Labour Party, the key political question we face today is building a mass Communist Party. Without that socialism will remain a mere phrase. And it is because our readers know this to be true that they give so generously and so regularly.

Hence, as usual, the biggest slice of cash coming our way this week was via standing orders - a very handy total of £365 from six comrades (thank you, KB, MM, SK, SEP, ML and PM). Then there were two PayPal donations from among our 3,193 online readers: KT (£10) and TR (£5). Finally there was a single cheque for £20 from comrade AM.