Expect a call!

The CPGB's Summer Offensive is picking up the pace, says Peter Manson

Three substantial donations have come our way this week, as the CPGB’s annual Summer Offensive fundraising drive begins to pick up pace.

In this intensive, seven-week campaign ending on August 20, we aim to raise £30,000 to help boost the finances of both the party and our paper, and set us in good stead for the year ahead. It’s a cause to which a good number of dedicated comrades are committed and amongst them this week were SK, who came up with no less than £230 for the Weekly Worker.

Then there is comrade MM - a regular supporter of our paper, who always comes into his own during the SO. He paid us £110 by PayPal (he was among six people who used that method, by the way, and they were among 2,592 online readers of our paper over the last seven days). MM promises that there will be “more next month”. That’s what we like to hear, comrade.

The third donor worth a particular mention was comrade PM, who paid £100 exactly - and those three were among a couple of dozen who contributed in one way or another to this week’s total of £1,679. But a number of supporters who have pledged a donation have not yet come up with the goods - there’s less than a month to go now, comrades! And let’s not forget those who haven’t yet pledged anything, but who we think might help us out - expect a nice phone call very soon!

In the meantime, the running total is £11,496 - which means we still need £18,504 by August 20! True, the final week of the campaign, which coincides with our annual Communist University, is always the most productive - from a monetary point of view, as well as in terms of stimulating debate! But don’t let’s leave things to chance. If you haven’t contributed yet, comrades, you know what they say - there’s no time like the present!