Appeal from the editor

Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson provides an update on our legal help appeal

Our legal appeal was given a big lift this week thanks to two extraordinary donations: £400 from AS and no less than £600 from JS.

As comrade JS states, “The Weekly Worker is currently in need of our help. I therefore make this contribution to its legal fund.” He is referring to the out-of-court settlement reached following the publication of an article a year ago (see ‘Unreserved apology’, February 7). As we have said many times before, this publication never knowingly publishes falsehoods, and in the event of inaccuracies our open letters pages are available - in particular to activists involved in the working class movement - for immediate rebuttal and/or retraction.

However, in this case another course was preferred and we agreed to pay £1,000 in damages plus substantial costs. As I write negotiations are still pending, though the final overall figure is expected to top £10,000. The response from supporters has been prompt and generous, and we have already received £1,970. But, while donations in the hundreds are obviously very encouraging, please do not think that smaller contributions are not welcome too. They all push up the total and will help take us out of this crisis.

Please send what you can, marked ‘Legal appeal’, to Weekly Worker, BCM Box 928, London WC1N 3XX. Alternatively, transfer your donation directly to our account (sort code: 30-99-64; account: 00744310) or via our website using PayPal. Please ensure you inform us of the purpose of the transfer.