Grand three

With such donations, readers are really spoiling us

As we enter August, with just over three weeks to go before the end of the CPGB’s Summer Offensive fundraising campaign, we still need the best part of £14,000 to reach our £25,000 target.

But I was very impressed with three comrades this week, who between them boosted our running total by exactly £1,000. Thanks very much to comrade KB for his magnificent £600, and to comrades BK and AC, who each donated £200 to the Weekly Worker. And I don’t think they’d consulted each other first! But, seriously, it just shows what can be done if just three comrades can add a grand between them.

By saying that, I don’t mean to do down all those comrades who donated rather more modest amounts this week - after all, there were no fewer than 33 contributors to this week’s £1,610, which takes that running total to £11,087. All those small contributions add up. The next three highest donations were from PB, who handed over a more than useful £55 at last Sunday’s London Communist Forum, plus two other regular donors to our paper, JT (£50) and EW (£30).

While I expect the amount received to greatly accelerate towards the very end of the SO - which is August 25, the final day of our week-long Communist University - it would certainly ease my worries a little bit if other comrades could follow the lead of this week’s ‘grand three’!

Having said that, I’m still very much confident that we’ll get there, but it’s only human to have the occasional doubt. Anyway, if you haven’t yet contributed to the CPGB’s annual fund drive, now would be a good time to do so. Send us a cheque, click on the PayPal button, make a bank transfer or - best of all - come along to Communist University and hand over your donation in person.

Peter Manson