The editor? In a good mood? Keep that cash coming, comrades!

Readers are now responding with some enthusiasm to our emails requesting a donation to the CPGB’s Summer Offensive, our annual fundraising drive. The most generous so far is comrade TG, who made a £100 bank transfer to the Weekly Worker. But also deserving a mention are three comrades who each donated £50 to the paper - AN, WC and DV (at least I think the final one is from DV, as he said he was going to stump up, but there’s no recognisable reference!)

But the largest individual contributor this week is CPGB comrade VP, who parted with no less than £415 (admittedly some of that took the form of unclaimed sundries). Anyway, over the last seven days the SO running total has gone up by £1,331 to £6,630.

Our target is £25,000, to be raised by August 25, so we still have more than six weeks to make up the £18K-plus we still need. And, the way things are going, I’m really feeling confident. So many comrades are responding in such a positive way - not least when it comes to supporting their favourite political paper. (Just a reminder - everything donated to the Weekly Worker is added to the grand total, though it will be used exclusively for the purpose intended.)

Anyway, I know lots of comrades have received individual emails, but haven’t yet responded. And there are follow-up phone calls to look forward to as well. But, as I say, so far the attitude we’ve encountered is very positive - so many comrades recognise the value of both the Weekly Worker and the CPGB in fighting, week after week, for the single, united, democratic-centralist, Marxist party they know is needed.

Are you one of them? If so, send us a cheque, go to either website and click on the PayPal button, or make a transfer (CPGB: 08-92-99, 65109991; Weekly Worker: 30-99-64, 00744310)

Peter Manson