Our Summer Offensive spirit

WW editor Peter Manson gives the latest report on the CPGB's fundraising drive

The Summer Offensive, the annual fundraising drive of the CPGB, has had another good week. £2,302 came in, taking our running total to £9,396.

Just £500 short of the first £10K isn’t bad, since, although we’re halfway through the campaign and we’re aiming for three times that amount, we normally pick up tremendously during the final week of the SO, which coincides with our week-long Communist University. If we can manage the second 10K by the time CU starts, I am confident we will be able to go the whole hog in those final seven days.

Individual contributions this week include no less than £508 from TM - he decided to make good the dues he didn’t pay during a period of unemployment now that he’s working! That’s the spirit, comrade. For his part, MM totted up two separate standing orders - one each to the Weekly Worker and the CPGB - and threw in a cheque for £100 for good measure: all that came to £215. There were equally generous sums from SK (£230), YM (£200) and MWL (£180). Finally TM handed over £200 in crisp £20 notes.

Also worth mentioning is the total of £67 that came in to the Weekly Worker via PayPal this week. Mostly it was £5 or £10, but the comrades who contributed were among 8,091 who read our paper online during that time. It’s worth reminding comrades that donations intended for the Weekly Worker will, of course, be used for that purpose, but during the SO we count it all towards the overall £30,000 target set by our last CPGB members’ aggregate.

So I’m not fussed: send your cash either to the paper or to the party - by cheque, cash, PayPal or bank transfer. Help lift the fight for a united Marxist party and the paper that champions that fight.