Inner balance

Reporting on the Summer Offensive, Peter Manson helps you find yours

With just over three weeks remaining before the end of the CPGB’s annual fundraising drive, our Summer Offensive, we are - at long last - more than halfway there. Last week saw an extra £2,183 come into our coffers, taking the total so far raised to £16,195 towards our £30,000 target.

Among the big shakers this week were comrade PM, who supplied us with equipment to the tune of a brilliant £574; VP, who transferred £300 into the Weekly Worker’s bank account; SK who donated a cool £230; and regular donor MM, who added another £75 to his personal SO total.

Then there was the cash raised at the CPGB stall at last Saturday’s London demonstration, organised by the People’s Assembly and Stand Up To Racism. Even though the numbers on the march were disappointing, dozens of demonstrators bought papers, books and - the big earner - our ‘Defend Jeremy Corbyn’ badges. A total of £343 was raised.

A more modest contributor was comrade TW, who provided us with an unusual reason for clicking on the Weekly Worker’s PayPal button. He confessed to feeling a bit “grubby” after paying £25 to become a registered Labour supporter (no prizes for guessing who he’s voting for!). However, “Offsetting this with an equal donation to the Weekly Worker has restored my inner balance!” he tells us. Well, comrade, so long as your “inner balance” is restored! Our paper plays all sorts of roles, you know.

Another comrade with kind words to say about the Weekly Worker was TT, who donated a tenner via PayPal. “As always, I greatly value and enjoy reading the Weekly Worker,” he wrote. “I feel that it treats the reader with respect and I like the fact that it challenges comrades to reflect and think critically about events and the most effective strategies for moving forward.”

That’s what we aim to do, comrade!

And that’s one of the reasons why our Summer Offensive is so important. It helps us clear all those niggling IOUs that have mounted up during the year, not to mention allowing us to buy the sorely needed supplies for our office that we’ve had to do without.

All of that means we’re in a better position to please our readers, including comrade TT - he was one of 3,451 internet readers last week, by the way.

Anyone else need their “inner balance” restored?