Money well spent

Where would you be without the WW? It doesn't bear thinking about, comrade...

The CPGB’s Summer Offensive - our annual two-month fundraising drive - is now well and truly underway. The SO was launched on June 10 and will end on August 25 - the last day of Communist University, the CPGB’s summer school.

We have set ourselves the target of a much-needed £25,000, which we fully expect to raise during that time. This will be used to provide funds for the Weekly Worker, help pay the myriad of extra expenses that Communist University throws up, and provide us with the upgraded equipment we need both to fund CPGB activities and produce our paper.

When it comes to the Weekly Worker, let me quote comrade ME, who has just paid for his subscription: “I honestly don’t know where I’d be without this excellent labour movement paper. Keep up the good work!” It’s good to know we’re appreciated, comrade!

And already our own comrades are stepping up to the plate. Leading the way so far is TB, who has donated no less than £595 since the SO began. A good part of that has taken the form of ‘payments in kind’ - with expenses for a variety of different activities not claimed. Nor far behind is SK, who has added his usual standing order to our paper to his contribution towards the running of CU.

Another one - this time not a CPGB member - who has thrown in a bit extra is MM. He pays a monthly standing order of £75 to support our “excellent labour movement paper”, but always likes to chip in when it comes to the SO too. This year is no different - he’s already contributed £50. In other words, £125 within a single week - not bad!

Also worth a mention are other Weekly Worker donors: KB (£280), PM (£100), TR and DG (£40 each) and BK (£10) - not to mention US subscriber EG, who has just donated £30 to the CPGB via PayPal.

The total so far raised is no less than £2,256, which is pretty good, especially when a good part of what we receive for the SO is not actually received until CU.

If you want to join in, here are three easy ways to do so:

Do your bit to help us campaign for the single, united Marxist party we need! That is surely money well spent.

Peter Manson