Looking good

Not you, silly. The WW bank account!

Our Summer Offensive got a big boost this week, thanks to the efforts of a team of CPGB comrades at the June 30 NHS demonstration. Altogether we netted £685 - mainly through the sale of badges, books and papers - not to mention quite a few generous donations.

That helped to lift the running total so far by £2,621 - almost doubling the overall figure to £5,299. Our target is £25,000, which we need to make by August 25, so we are a fifth of the way there, with seven weeks still to go. Things are looking good.

Amongst the numerous individual contributions, the one from PM stands out - a mere £500! Then there was TB’s £60 and lots of smaller ones. Amongst them was comrade AR, who made a donation to the CPGB, while also setting up two standing orders to the Weekly Worker - one of them via PayPal, to give things a bit of variety.

He writes: “Having read about the ‘Summer Offensive’ online, this was a great way to make a contribution to help with the aim of reaching the set target of £25,000, and also a reminder to set up a regular payment to support all the great work that the Weekly Worker provides for the readership on a weekly basis.” He adds: “My contribution has been long overdue.”

Well, you’ve chosen the right time of the year to start it, comrade!

That date mentioned above - August 25 - is, of course, the final day of the CPGB’s Communist University, our week-long summer school (see http://cpgb.org.uk/pages/news/117/communist-university-2018 for all the information you need). For those who can make it, it’ll be great to see you. But if you can’t be there, please send in your SO donations in good time.

Just a reminder about the different ways you can do that:

It goes without saying that cash donated to the Weekly Worker will be used to fund the paper only.

Peter Manson