Political impact

Peter Manson feels the fundraising impact

With just over two weeks remaining before the end of our Summer Offensive, the CPGB’s annual fundraising drive, our total stands at £17,674 towards our £30,000 target.

While that still seems like a long way to go (it is!), our SO is always boosted in the final week, which coincides with Communist University. Our summer school attracts comrades willing to spend on extras during this week of study (see advert, p7), not to mention on food and drink, which we provide cheaply, but profitably - after you take into account the amount of hard work put in gratis by comrades.

This week saw the total raised go up by £1,479, which included £412 contributed by JT in the shape of bills paid on our behalf. For his part, MM paid in a fantastic £400, while another MM made a second payment of £180 in as many weeks! JC wrote off £200 we owed him, while PM, JT, GT, SS and DC were among those donating to the Weekly Worker this week.

Speaking of which, all donations to the paper, including standing orders, count towards our SO total during these summer weeks, but the cash received is, of course, spent on the Weekly Worker alone. While printing costs make up a big part of that, there is also the paper’s website to maintain - and, of course, those who read us online (there were 2,943 such readers last week) are not charged. Which is why all those donations are especially welcome.

But the cash raised during the Summer Offensive not only eases the continuous financial pressure we are under: it allows us to make a better political impact - primarily through our newspaper and websites, of course. Please do what you can to help us meet our target.